Most Accurate Car Tracking App for iPhone/Android Devices

Car is a luxury that every young and old desire; not to just ride a car but to buy well designed current car model that command respect from friends and associates.

It becomes essential part of one’s life when you think of the comfort it brings in terms of mobility; because of these, car owners tend to guide their cars with jealousy as they don’t want it in bad conditions, get stolen or lost.

Now that car theft is a phenomenon that is getting popular day by day especially in less developed Nations where technology advancement is at an ebb and also low usage of tracking gadgets.

There are companies that offer tracking services where they would set a device to monitor your location or the location of your device ( be it phone, car or any machine) using Global Positioning System (GPS).

Some of these companies have employed mobile app computing by tapping into mobile app technology to develop applications for the most used phone devices ( Android, BlackBerry, IPhone, IPad and IPod).

Since the world have embraced smartphone, app developers have been working tirelessly to put every life activity on mobile phone.

You don’t need to visit any company or install any computer in your car before you can track it as you can do it right on your phone in the comfort of your phone or anywhere with third-party car tracking mobile app that you can easily configure to track your car.


It’s a car tracking app developed by MyCarTracks in Levice, Slovakia. It accomplishes the task of car management as it helps you to track your car without any sort of installation of any gadget anywhere.

Since smartphone are GPS enabled, it’s made easy to track your vehicle location without any GPS hardware.

While the app has web version, the mobile app version is easier to use.

One of the challenges of those who use Global Positioning System ( GPS) tracking applications is that, it drains the phone battery.

This is due to background tracking and this is one thing MyCarTracks has dealt with as the app is battery friendly.

It records your trips automatically once you run it once and you can save them in cloud, get real-time tracking as it refreshes every fifteen seconds. The app is good for individual and business owners.

Just go to the Menu, choose your car model and your category ( whether personal or business) and turn on Auto-recording.

It has a lot of features that are simple to use with start-and-stop command and for business car tracking needs, you’ve got almost everything from trip recording, job dispatch, sharing of multiple vehicles and synchronization with cloud.

Its Geo Analytics enable you to manage your car driver(s), spy on their speed rate and their performance in terms of driving behavior which you can set in your custom requirement.

For personal use, the app is free and you can add three (3) vehicles of any size to track; for business use, you only pay $0.89 in a month per one vehicle and you can manage your fleet no matter the size.

The only thing is that, we’re surprised to see about 500,000 downloads on android devices probably people use its web version more or the app is not well promoted.


FOLLOWMEE GPS TRACKER: It’s a location tracker developed by FollowMee LLC, a company specialized in GPS technology, based in Texas, United States.

Once you install the app on your phone, it tracks the location of your phone using GPS,cellular triangulation or even wireless network and save it on Followmee server.

Either you choose to use the web version or the mobile version, you’re guaranteed of successful tracking of both humans and devices for personal and business purposes.

Many companies’ managers use it to manage their employees and company’s cars to ensure cost management of running their businesses.

It’s free to use and you can as well remove some limits by going for the paid edition in order to have access to activity history for up to three (3) years, track more than one device and access them in one page.

Even with the free version, you get love update on your device, publish your tracks on social media account or download them in Excellent file.

Another fantastic feature is the GeoFencing which enable you to set the range in which your device should not exceed.

This makes you to quickly detect car theft or car mismanagement by your workers.

The app would notify you email when your car is taken out of the geographical range and all these are done while the app runs in the background, when the phone is shut down, reboot or terminated.

It only stops tracking your device only when you press the stop command to stop its operations.


FollowMee is also not left out in preventing your phone battery-drain while running it. You can protect the app with password to prevent intruders from having access to your app settings.

The only shortcoming is that, it works with high versions if androids; iOS 6 and above or iPad and some features are specific to phone operating system.

For example, the Stealth Mode is not activated for Windows phone and iOS. Other supported devices of the application are BlackBerry, Windows tablets, laptops and Amazon Kindle fire.

The last but not the least location and car tracking app is Anagog car tracking App, developed by Anagog, mobile app developer in Israel.

It’s tagged Travel app and it’s good in tracking human location using GPS and Google location services. Trust this app in finding where your car is located.

Once you installed and configure it, launch the app and click the ‘Find my Car’ tab and leave it to automatically track your car and monitor its movement.

You can keep watch over your car on a journey, when it stops, how it’s moving and the arrival time of the landing point and the location data report can be saved as CVS or KML file formats which you can share with anyone on Facebook or Twitter.

It’s very precise and accurate in tracking and it’s compatible with android 2.2 and higher version; there’s no bugs presently there are over 700,000 downloads from google play store. Either you’re a tourist or not, this app is really good to have a good feel of car tracking.