Android Mobile App Development Companies

Smartphone has really changed the experience of using mobile phones in recent years with series of more computer-like applications.

From system app, productivity app, utilities etc developed to run smoothly on ‘android’ operating systems, and this has really changed the game for computer software developers.

This is because most of these apps are now diversifying into mobile app development to control market share.

There are thousands of app development companies in Europe and Asia.

Some of these companies are reviewed and some of them with remarkable achievements are listed below.


Blue Fountain Media is an American app development company based in New York, United States.

It was founded in 2003 and since then, it has grown to become a global brand.

It does not only centre on app development but generally online marketing and digital design.

When Gabriel Shaoolian started the company as private company, it has not up to 20 workers and it was named after the founder’s name as Gabriel productions which later changed in 2005 to Blue Fountain Media.

The company has worked for many companies such as AOL, bowlmor, AT &   T, Procter and Gamble, Nike just to mention few.

It’s best known to provide cost effective and result oriented web services to promote brands, market products and services with website design, web applications and mobile apps that enhance engagement of users and increase conversions.

Another quality is their work-in-team approach to deliver outstanding projects without going out of bound of the timeframe of the project to be completed.

I think this is one of the reasons they were able to serve many companies among the Fortune 500’s and it has been rated good by reputable ratings systems such as Better Business Bureau, Bradstreet and Crain’s fast 50.

There good works have attracted several awards in advertising and marketing industry most especially in Europe where the company has good market share of top web advertising projects.

Blue Rocket Media is an app development company that was established in 2008 as a Studio with the sole aim to develop the most useful productivity mobile apps for consumers and companies within a short timeframe.

They believed that, when the need arises to launch app development project, the companies always want to have quality results with a possible time frame for good delivery.

The team specialized and focused on user interface design and user experience design ( UX/UI design ),marketing and monetization of android, iOS, iPad, Windows apps and cross platform apps.

They charge between hundred of dollars to as much as one fifty thousand dollars depending on the hour rate to complete the project.

There are over two hundred huge projects they have completed and delivered to top companies, ranging from restaurant website and mobile apps, sheetmusic app, newsstand app etc.

Their expertise have been improving immensely on design with remarkable user experience with so much improvement on services such as API and Server integration for easy access to stored data, Geo-fencing, and App analytics.

Some of the areas their services cut across are Hospitality, Health care oriented services, Business Services, productivity and many more.

To make enquiries or get details about their services, their headquarter is San Francisco, California and they’ve been able to deliver great projects with minimal number of team of developers who are very creative.

Some of their partners in business contracts are Zinio, Silver Spring Networks, webMD, chipotle.

Raiz Labs are custom app developers, software engineers and specialist in web design and computer software productions, founded in 2003 by Gregory Raiz and coauthor Mike Munroe.

The founder uses his experience as a Project Manager ( as a member of the windows XP team ) at Microsoft to establish this company with a view to improve the quality of application’s design, especially in respect to users experience on interface, navigation and satisfaction.

The company started in Brookline’s Coolidge Corner before it moved to Boston due to expansion in business and also expand across California.

Recently, they partnered with a renowned web development company, Greenfield in order to deepen their penetration into server and mobile app development.