Best free cloud storage Apps for android

Nothing seems to be constant except Change! When it comes to technology, damage or insecurity is not evitable.

As smartphone can make business life easy for man, it can also mar him if he’s so dependent on it when it comes to file keeping.

Many people copy their documents, CVs, Important Photos kept for history and other files on their android phone in order to make them available for use on the go.

One important thing you should always consider when you just start using a new phone is the backup.

It should be done periodically to ensure your files on the device’s internal memory such as photos, message, Notes, Apps, Ebooks and other documents are secured.

Saving them on private server, hosting accounts is  better, safer and cost effective than when you’re in dismay as a result of lost data.

In order to protect and secure your scanned documents or images that you would find it very disappointing if you lose them, one of the measures to take is to install apps that integrated to file hosting account, server, external directory or folder.

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Some of the companies that provide these services have made it very easy by developing mobile apps which make you store your photos with just few clicks on the app without visiting their websites.

All you need to do is to install, sign up an account and synchronize the app with your phone photo directory automatically or manually in some apps.

The lists of these apps are endless but some reviewed best applications in this category are the following


Google Drive Storage App :  This is one of the most popular photo and document storage app, developed by the internet marketing leader.

Google is a well known brand with services that add values to lives and businesses.

GOOGLE DRIVE is one of their productivity apps for file hosting, launched in 2012 to surpass Google previous service known as Google Docs.

It enable you to keep your files, even videos, safely in the cloud and you can also share them with friends and online social communities for reviews and comments.

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From the time it was launched, series of updates had been made to improve on its security and privacy features and is now available in more languages.

In 2005, Google confirmed its availability in more than 100 languages with over 200 million users worldwide.

Users who can enjoy Google drive App are those using Windows phone, iphone, Android of 2.4 version and upward

Just as many Google applications, it’s free and easy to synchronize with your phone but if you’ve used so much out of the free 15 GB storage capacity given to every account, you can go for monthly subscription to get more storage capacity

This costs few dollars ($ 1.99 per month for 100 GB, $9.99 per month for 1 GB and so on) For every Google product, you use only one Gmail account and this is not an exception.


Shoebox Backup App is a cloud backup app that offers solution to those who want to store their pictures conveniently in the cloud which was developed by Couch Labs inc.

It enables you to collate your photos either in internal or external storage device and create backup for them free without any limit to the size and amount of pictures.

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It ensures your your photo files are kept secured and private as no one would have access to your files and the risk of losing photos due to crashes is negated.

It will not only clean your memory by saving you from slow phone operation which may be a result if Overload in your storage capacity.

Shoebox uses secured encryption and can backup Facebook photos directly on the app and even from computer’s photo directory/folder.

The app is available for Computer, Android, iPhone and other tablets.

It has Chromecast feature and do backup Videos, only that, this feature only works well on higher android versions like Android 4.3 upward.

It saves your works in categories which you can view as slideshows, browse them based on the time you take them or the directory you import them from.

It can also be easily shared on social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook.