Best barcode scanner app for android

According to Wikipedia, A barcode is a machine-readable image with text lines, bars, dots or generally, geometric patterns, representing encoded data which describes something about the object that carries the barcode.

It is used to compact data either small or large into image which can only be read by barcode scanning, a device specifically designed to carry out this function.

However, mobile app developers have really done so much to make life less costly to live and businesses easier to do with smartphone’s utility and productivity applications like barcode scanning on phones without any special device.


Barcode Scanner and QR Scanner  is a free, powerful QR and Barcode scanning app, developed by PICKWICK SANTA.

To use this app once installed, just launch the application and point ( adjust the focus) your phone camera at the code and leave the rest to the app to rapidly run check and retrieve the data encoded in the barcode.

At the point when filtering a QR Code, it will scan both texts, website URL, physical contact address, email address, Call-line number and if there’s website, it will automatically redirect you to the website.

In the event that the code just contains content, you’ll see it instantly and For other information like telephone numbers, email addresses, or contact data, you will be incited to make the proper move about them.

The app can also peruses other forms of barcodes like EAN, UPC, ISBB and assembles data about the items you’ve scanned.

You can as well research and discover places to buy the items you cherish.

Once you’ve decoded the barcode, the app will send you to web page, books audit, logbook online informations and if you want to make your Own QR Codes and tags, it does it easily and enable you to share your QR CODES on social media.

With accounts like Facebook, Twitter and IM, Email, Flipboard and get quick access to your history log with all your past barcode scans

Quick Scan Barcode Scanner is a barcode, QR scanner app developed by HUGH TECHNOLABS Pvt Ltd in Rajasthan, India.

It prefects searching of OCR codes and its variants with a very quick scan and it’s a key application for each Android smartphone to serve this purpose.

It automatically detects barcodes, scan it and take pictures. It can scan all forms of barcodes like Barcode Scanner  &   QR scanner App above including Calendar, wireless and so on.

The app works in a simple way by indicating QR, OCR and consequently recognize and filter it.

It can also produce QR code for your phone contacts. The app has been updated this year and majority of reviews we’re able to analyze showed that, users were satisfied with its functionalities especially in the aspect of searching barcodes.

It works with Android phones most especially higher versions and the size is about 24 MB but unfortunately its downloads from Google play store is very minimal which does not correlated with the good reviews written by online community.


QR Droid Code Scanner is a productivity app for scanning barcodes; developed by DroidLa limited.

It promised to make your android device a powerful data matrix scanner utility with its easy-to-use user interface (UI) which enables you to import data, create data, share them with just few clicks; and the app interact beautifully with the barcodes with any cost (Free) and surprisingly, without any generated ads.

Once you install it, click the MENU button on the home page and begin scanning your QR codes and you can as well edit scanned barcodes from other scanning application.

It automatically synchronizes your data on Google Drive, check previous scanning activities on the history log and sort them into groups to assess your interactions with the codes in terms of their usage hierarchically.

Some of the new advanced features are the capacity to scan QR codes from documents, mapping out your location and your bearing.

It allows you to share information with friends in that location and beyond.

Not only that, it also scan barcodes from External storage device, downloaded images etc.

Even as it’s free-to-use, the developer cherished Feedbacks and developed in-aop Messaging system which enable you to get updates news and send reviews directly to the DroidLa support team.

The app is lighter than the average barcode scanner in the market with 17 MB size and a Whooping 60,000,000+ downloads from Google play store alone.

It requires as low as android 2.0 version and above in which such compatibility is very rare among competitive barcode scanning applications and users are not relenting to give their 4 and 5 starts ratings for this.I hope you would live it as well.