Apps to help find People’s Location with their Phone

Globalization brings the world together in one room through the invention of phone, internet and email.

However, there’s still a problem of feedback in communicating with one another.

While trying to get in touch with friends and family through email, he or she may not have the time to check emails and you might’ve exhausted your call credit or even unable to reach out to the person as result of poor network.

Besides this, you may want to know the exact location where your friends or family member is, for security purpose or for the sake of moral responsibility.

Your wife or husband may be too long in journey or at work and you would want to discharge your responsibility to know there whereabouts.


Family Locator GPS App¬†made these possible once you install it on your mobile phone and you can begin to monitor your family members and other people as long as they have the app installed on their phone and there’s internet facility too.

There are lot of mobile family tracker and locator app which can be used to finding missing person, track suspected thieves and enable you to watch over your children.


Family Locator GPS Tracker App
it’s a simple family search and guard mobile app developed by an American app development company, LIFE360 in San Francisco, USA.

This company is one of the leading app developer in California with popular GPS tracking apps of different categories.

Once you installed the app, launch it and create your Group(s) (Circle) which you will be able to include your favorite contacts.

It could be your family members and other important persons that you think you would like to know there whereabouts in one time or the other.

After doing this, you would be able to locate your circle members real-time on a map and you can now know the exact place they are, without asking or calling them.

This app is good for a family, to keep them together and strengthen love between couples; especially whey they don’t live together or when they work in a far distance to each other.

It’s also good to keep the entire family together any day, any time. In fact, it’s used to monitor the punctualness of staff members in organizations and in family meeting.

Family Locator can also be used to provide direction to a stranger to locate a destination without any hustle with the GPS coordinates, provided, the person is also having the app installed in his/her phone and this is applicable to any target person you intend to locate.

If you care to know what it takes to use the app, it’s free and compatible with android & iOS. However, if you want to use it with phones that are not tablets or smartphone, it requires a small fee.

Sincerely speaking, the app really worth my mentioning and it has received good reviews from clients across the globe especially on its concise details on a map which made it recorded over 15,000,000 downloads from Google app store as at the time filing this report.