10 Whatsapp Mobile Tricks You Need to Know

The reasons millions of users of the WhatsApp app are happy these days has been very clear; in that, the social network will stop charging its annual payment of a dollar and promises free for life.

Of course, the news gets most users of WhatsApp to be excited but to make the most of the social network, we will learn 10 tricks that are very useful.


1. How to prevent your WhatsApp friends from knowing that you read the messages that they sent to you.

For Android users, it is easy, you have to download the beta version of the application and go to the Settings tab > Privacy and deselect “reading confirmation “.

For iPhone, it’s a bit more complicated. First, you have to make a jailbreak, a process that allows access to the operating system and download things that are not in the App Store.

Then you have to download an application “WhatsApp receipt Disabler by Bigboss” that allows disabling the famous blue tic.

WhatsApp mobile chat tweaks and shortcut

2. Send files in other formats.

We all know that in WhatsApp, you can only send photos, audio, and video, but with applications like Clound send in Android or mp3 music downloader on iPhone, You can also send PDFs, APKs, or Word documents.


3. Block your WhatsApp.

For some WhatsApp users, the phone key is not enough, so, if you want more security, applications like WhatsApp lock allows you to install a second key.


4. Store the Notifications on your computer.

Applications like Notifyr on iPhone and Desktop notifications in Android allow you to see notifications that reach the cell phone on the Mac or PC.

You need to install the application on your android phone and the extension in the search engine you use on your computer.


5. Install the WhatsApp messages on your Android tablet.

WhatsApp does not want to go down on a tablet, but there is an option.

In the tablet, you must download the latest version of WhatsApp in the format, APK, which is on the website of WhatsApp, the desktop version.

You should also download SRT AppGuard, an application that shields the tablet from being recognized as a tablet.

In Str AppGuard, select WhatsApp and press monitor, allowing that application to make a version of WhatsApp.

When you finish monitoring, download and deactivate “read phone status” and “identity under phone calls” Then activate WhatsApp using your local phone line to be called and give you the three-number verification code.

It introduces it in WhatsApp and ready.


6. Prevent people from knowing when you’re connected.

Under the name in the chat, WhatsApp puts a phrase in which it tells what time was the last time one entered the application.

To avoid it, enter the settings > account >> Privacy > last seen.
There are three options there: every one, (my contacts) and Nobody. Just choose the one that suits you.


7. Retrieves deleted conversations.

You erased some conversations by accident or you just regretted it. Sometimes, your cell phone can keep the conversations in its memory.

But if one uninstalls and reinstalls the WhatsApp, at one point, it asks if you want to restore the history of messages. Say yes and you’ll have them back.


8. Prevent yourself from downloading photos and videos automatically.

It is one of the main reasons why the data is exhausted when the photos and videos start downloading automatically.

To avoid it, you have to do the following, go to the settings tab > Chat settings > media auto-download.

You can choose to go down only when you are connected to Wi-Fi or never or always.


9. See your statistics on WhatsApp.

It is a fact that, on many occasions, curiosity is the main cause of the number of messages you have received and sent.

It is also useful to manage statistics to follow articles or files that you share. It’s simple: go to Settings > Account > network usage; and you’re done.


10. Choose one image on another.

Yes, there are applications that allow two photos to be sent in one.

An image arrives, and once the sender clicks on it, you see the other one. Megiapp on Android and FhumbApp on iPhone allows you to do this.