Meaning Of Wifi Calling On iPhone, T-Mobile Over Hotspot

    WiFi calling is not new, sometimes you run out of airtime or you get frustrated over the limited or feeble coverage of your service provider, maybe in a remote location, an underground structure, all of which threaten call-making on cellular mode and you wished there was a way out, wish that you had sent or received that message, pull that call through to your Boss, child, parent or friend to apprise him/her of something , booked that appointment; I mean the wish list is just inexhaustible, well, wish no more because the WiFi calling is already in town.

WiFi calling, It will be tantamount to backwardness to say that the technology is new because we already have at least something similar right in our nose without many folks realizing, just so you know we got Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Skype , Viber and even BBM already playing in the field.

The only gulf is that while the aforementioned apps, among others, combine both calls over mobile data and over Wi-Fi hotspots, ‘WiFi calling’ offers this same over only hotspots.

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However, this is somewhat negligible if you ask me as you are just in the same situation as somebody using app-mediated calls because you can equally not call seamlessly over the internet in an area of weak signal reception hence, you still require a WiFi connection to do that.

But what makes this WiFi calling ,as it’s called, particularly interesting is that you don’t need to run an app or copy existing contacts to any app to reap the benefit of a nearby hotspot because the feature is properly fitted to a device by its carrier.

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The phone automatically switches to WiFi calling mode once it’s recording poor reception or the user can as well, manually do same.

Though many android phone makers are showing interest and her trying to key into this area but only a handful of them are active currently, AT & T, T-Mobile, iPhone are just some of them.

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Also, this feature is supported within and between a selected number of countries just so you don’t build a bubble.

Most developed nations like the United States of America has advanced in wifi calling because of many players that have keen into modern technology.

There are even many companies building cheap wifi connections for americans to use.

We hope to see more players here and other countries and wider supports so the lives of the greatest number of users will be a lot more easier to put WiFi call locally and internationally.