German Name Generators for Male & Female Names

german names generator to find male and female surnames

Germany is a country that has a set of fine unique names and I’d hardly fail to identify a German name when I see one, especially when they have diaeresis.

Most old German names are derived from their occupation, religion, geographical region, and sometimes from personal qualities, events, position in the family, and others.

One thing I like about German names is that they’re gender-sensitive, you can not just give a name to your child without approval from the appropriate authorities, however, they’re now allowed to use non-germanic names.

And also,¬†unlike before, their married woman can use both their husband’s name and family name or rather choose the surname to bear.

Do you want to claim Germany as your origin, you want a name you can bear or you want to register an online account that’s only meant for Germans and you’re now on the look for names to choose from, some names generators can do just that for you.

german names generator to find male and female surnames

The name generator is one powerful tool for generating different forms of names.

If you want to generate perfect last name or surame for any German first name or you want alias or character name, the generator will produce name that match your input in seconds.

On the site, you can also generate cutest English names for baby boy or girl, Japanese names, random middle and last name, ancient names in different countries, team names, pseudonym names for book and movie characters and for gaming.

Also, it has another version of the tool meant to Create nice Screen Name such as YouTube name, Twitter Username, Email Name; fantasy names like vampire and EIF names, places and kingdom names,

Name generators are simple to use compared to number one since everything is donenon a single page without opening different tabs for different names you want to generate.

Here, you just choose the gender (whether male, female or random names), choose the name set ( you can select from over 120 countries, including Christian and Muslim countries, Europe, Asia and Africa).

The list of the countries is long and it has almost everything you want and finally choose the country you want their specific name or you choose random name. You can alsonget random baby name, male and female full names, username, business, band and even domain names.

More so, it has other country specific name generator and there about ten countries on the list to get popular names.


Enneadgames is damn simple to use, you don’t need to do anything than to just visit the site and names would be suggested for you.

You get real 18th century German names that are popular like Schneider, Fischer, Weber, Schmidt etc, choose from long list of parameters to get name information of different people and personalities in Germany. This is a special one that would not just give you names but also provide German address, mother maiden, email address Birthday, age, home and office phone numbers, your personal qualities, company’s details, website address, browser details etc.

Funny enough when I check several websites that were generated with the names, they were all live.


Similar site to namefake is This site will not only provide names, personal details and computer information but also generate payment information such as Credit Card Type, Number, CV2, Swift Number etc


Similar site to both namefake and fakenametool is fakenamegenerator which generates all the data provided by these two service providers and also create additional information like Tracking numbers; UPS tracking number, Western Union MTCN, MoneyGram MTCN, car information, GUID and QR Code


Behind the name has some unique features. You can select first name only, first name and 2 or 3 middle names, choose gender you want, tick boxes to generate life story for the name and to avoid rare and diminutive names.

Select Germany as your country or allow it to get names from any country. Another plus is that, you can tick boxes to get names that are associated to body nature, religion, culture, history etc. will create fantasy German names, traditional long and short names randomly and can as well generate real names and other names.


Sheknows enable you to search thousands of German baby names in different categories such as Baby Boy Names, Baby Girl Names, Most Popular by Year, Names by State, Highest Rated Names, Names by Decade, names starting with Alphabet from A through to Z. You can search common German first names starting with letter S This will simply get you a full name. Similar to this is