How to get Red Cross First Aid Training & Assistance Program Online

The Red Cross society is an humanitarian organization founded to help providing emergency health assistance to people.

Their scope of operations has been broadened beyond what was initially meant to help wounded soldiers in war.

It has become an international organization with millions of members across the globe pulling force together to help providing first aid treatment to victims of accident and helping the less privileged in the society.

To become a member of the Red Cross Society, you need to first go through standard first aid course and get certification.

Today, you can take your first aid treatment courses online and get digital certificate.

How do you now prepare for the Red Cross lifeguard exams?

There are applications that can help your journey becoming a member of this society.

Canadian Red Cross First Aid app : It’s a free first aid mobile app developed by 3 Sided Cubet.

This company has developed several first aid applications that provide first aid steps and emergency action training online.

It is never the official Canadian Red Cross app and does not provide first aid treatment services in Canada.

However, it can help with the Canadian Red Cross First aid test questions and answers.

This app would help learning the incidence of injury that requires emergency treatment.

So also first aid procedures in the workplace, first aid need assessment and contents the kit should be made of.

It would help you developing the skills and learning the approaches in handling the injured with illustrative videos showing you the steps and actions to take in different emergency situations.

The Canadian Red Cross First Aid app provides tips on safety precautions you need to follow during winter and summer.

You’ll also learn some other associated risks in these seasons in order to be safe.

Fortunately, these safety tips are available even when you’re not connected to the internet.

After going through the red cross comprehensive guide, you can now test your abilities in providing first aid assistance with the app.

Also participate in quizzes and earn rank badges which you can share with friends online as evidence of your training as a first aider.

The only flop of this app is that some answers are not correct in the quizzes that were offered.

Therefore, it should be updated to meet international first aid treatment and guidelines.

Other apps developed by the developer are Nigerian First Aid App, Australian First Aid App, Irish First Aid App, Philippines First Aid App and others.

Nigerian Red Cross first aid App: This is a variation of first aid apps developed by 3 Sided Cube app developer in UK.

It offers similar immediate assistance program learning to the Canadian Red Cross app.

You can get information on the most common situations that demand first aid treatments and care and how you can handle those emergencies successfully.

However, having this knowledge does not make you to be certified in giving first aid treatment.

Doing so may result to negligence if further injury is sustained in the course of the first aid treatment

You can only assume moral responsibility in providing first aid treatment and you’re advised to be careful in handling those who require first aid attention.

This app is not 100% fit into the Nigerian context in terms of emergencies but generally, you can learn how to provide first aid care with illustrative videos.

St. John Ambulance First Aid app is a better one for getting real emergency treatment.

It is one of the best apps with updated information that conforms with global standards.

St. John’s ambulance is an established non-governmental organisation in the UK, providing first aid treatment education.

You can register for standard first aid courses online, schedule your training, write the exams and get certificate.

Their online first aid courses are accredited and the organization is certified to provide such service.

Some of them are babysitting courses, cardiopulmonary resuscitation for infant and children.

St. John Ambulance First Aid App is meant to broaden the scope of enlightening people in understanding the procedures in providing first aid treatment to the injured.

It also includes first aid advice and tips to guide you.

If you want to be well trained in first aid care, you can opt in for their professional course at their centre.

You can can apply for Red Cross assistance.

As a mother, you can learn how to save a choking toddler and other first aid treatment you can give to babies.

Baby and Child First Aid app, developed by British Red Cross is a free Red Cross First Aid app meant to help providing services towards protecting the lives of children.

It’s a good parenting app suitable for any parent to get advice on situations that require emergent first care attention.

It is packed with videos and animations on guidelines to follow to safe guard your children, FAQs, categorized emergency situations with procedures and approaches to adopt.

It is made very easy to know precisely what to do in such emergency and act immediately without confusion.

You can get UK call lines to call in case of emergencies.

There are some other opportunities, news and guide to opt in for professional first aid course.

The app only requires android 4.0 or higher version to work on your phone.