Download Top Free iPhone Game Apps For IQ Development

Game could be described as a competitive activity guided by a set of rules ( which may not necessarily be standardized or regulated by international bodies) engaged mostly to be entertained or/and entertain others.

Though Game is a playful activity that people participate during their leisure time, recreational activities, either indoor or outdoor, this may not be correct in the field of sports and it can be minced to PLAY by a layman.

PLAY is a spontaneous physical and mental activity that is characterized by chance, role playing and limitations that are focused on the achievement of an object.

This is the ideal illustration of mobile phone game applications built to achieve ‘The learning of skills, mastering learned skills, IQ development, mental alertness, fun making etc’ which could be the goals of installing the game app and playing it on your phone.

Over the years, app developers have taken huge steps to develop series of games app for different live, recognized and standardized sports games of various categories ranging from athletics, combatants sports, aquatics, ball games, polo, car racing etc.

Taking notice and incorporating the standards of these games as spelled out by their respective bodies which make them replicas of the real game with all the officiating roles assigned to robots to prevent infringements.

Other nonsporting games categories are strategy game, platform game, Role playing, puzzle and adventure games  Some of the best games apps for iOS are the following…

Temple Run 2 Game App is an adventure iOS game app developed by imangi studio in the “City of Oaks” (Raleigh, North Carolina).

The team of developers are known for their amazing apps and this application has really gone a long way to set the pace for other adventure games.

Whenever anyone thinks of the best adventure and to catch fun with games with deadly mission, temple run is always at the ‘heart’

The new version comes with new adventures, challenges and experience. As you try to escape the deadly beast, you need a lot of accurate jumping, speedy run through the forest with coordinated movements.

With temple run 2, you get more deadly and bigger animals, more tasks to accomplish and more power to outwit the idol.

The app is also compatible with other phones with operating system and currently installable on android phone of 2.3 and above with over 500,000,000 downloads. It’s one of the apps with top downloads.

Angry Birds Game App is a smartphone app that is compatible with android and iPhone, develop by Rovio Entertainment Ltd, a globally recognized entertainment media company in Espoo, Finland.

It’s another one of the most popular challenge mobile game where choose a bird to destroy pigs’ defense.

The pigs here are predators that take away the bird’s eggs in which you’ve to employ logic and skills to put an end to the menace.

The app is free and the new TEMPLE RUN 2 comes with multi-stage levels, pigs with more destructive power, spells for the angry birds swine and also the ‘Messiah mighty Eagle’ which you can call upon for rescue mission at interval.

Do you think you’re master in this game and you want to challenge other big players of Angry birds, this version 2 enable you to compete other big players, earn more feathers for flights and develop more slingshot skills in order to wreck havoc on the disturbing pigs.

Download and install it on your android 2.9 and above to join other millions of users all around the world. As a woman, you would love this game because most popular women i see playing it find it interesting.