Best Strategic Driving ios Games without in app purchases

CSR Racing Game: is a car racing smartphone game app developed by NaturalMotionGames Ltd. in Oxford, United Kingdom.

Enjoy car street ride with hundreds of sports car, matching the real features of the live racing cars manufactured by companies like Ferrari, Aston Martin, Mc Karen, Bugatti etc.

You can use to play quick race or launch a competition where you can play with the computer or other car racers online.

Once you win, you earn more powerful cars with more functionalities. With subsequent wins, you can begin to feature on the leader board.

CRS Racing app enable you to add custom features to your and make repair of your car engine.

It works with Ice cream sandwich android and higher version free but you can equip yourself with more features for some pennies.

It’s no doubt a nice drag game and the CSR 2 comes with better features and millions of installs.


GT Racing 2 Game : is another racing game app developed by an old, popular app developer, Gameloft in Paris, France.

Before the advent of tablets, most popular Java and Symbian game apps are developed by Gameloft.

GT Racing 2 gives you memorable car ride experience with over 50 licensed cars in different tracks.

Choose your tracks depending on the level of driving skills and you drive test with quick races like knockouts, Overtakes, Duels and other classic races.

When you win much challenges as they’re provided weekly; you can be driving towards winning better racing car.

Some other things I like about the new version is less sun radiation, different weather conditions for different tracks and you won’t pay any virtual credit/money to repair your car or expend time to get your car back on track.

It has one of the most friendly feature for beginners in that, you can request for motor steering and braking help to get you going fast without any accident

For the experts, they can add custom features to improve their performances.

You enjoy graphics customization and full control of your cars when you upgrade with either your winnings or credit card.

The app has 84% good reviews and downloaded more than 50,000,000 times on android 2.3 and higher.


Racing Fever Game App: This car racing game is developed by Gameguru in United Arab Emirates ( Dubai) and it’s one of the best arcade racing and lovely for those who love driving simulations.

It’s simple to play. Just choose your favorite car, take part in the riding challenge as a single player or join the multiplayer race and compete with other riders as amateur of car rider king.

The app is developed with catching 3D graphics and well detailed cars’ features or ‘power’ are relayed.

You can upgrade your favorite car in order to make it faster , prettier, more powerful and even choose the steering wheel you desire and some other parts; and also strengthen your car parts, your car handling, speed and acceleration.

Your winnings and achievements are recorded and you can view them on the leaderboard, enter quest to win fantastic prize, daily bonus and the feature to exchange your car key with friend to get new car.

This racing fever game app has over 87% good reviews and downloaded more than 40,000,000 times on Google play store alone.