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File management applications


File manager is a brand name for a file manager app developed by ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc., a company situated at Beitou district, Taipei City, Taiwan.

The Asus free file manager app for android, iPhone, and iPad enables you to manage your documents effectively and effortlessly while it’s free to download from the play store, its apk file version is also free from any app directory.

The file manager app takes the responsibility of managing your documents irrespective of their storage location.

It can manage the files stored in your phone’s internal memory, microSD card, cloud file storage accounts such as Dropbox, one drive, Google drive, and also, local area network which you can interchange the file storage location between two storage paths.

You can move or copy the documents to another storage location on your phone, rename the document’s property, delete or share them from your storage.

This free file management app will also assist you in phone disk space management to save your disk space by compressing your files before storing them.

For documents and files that are in Zip format, it will unzip and likewise compress them and store them appropriately; stream your audio and video files successfully without any stress.

File management applications

With the new updated version this year, the installs have increased to over 20,000,000 and it requires at least android 4.1 for a successful installation.

The disk space management feature of this ASUS file manager app enables you to analyze your phone memory, check your recycle bin, organize your files, etc, browse and locate files easily with category-based search.

It can check the audio, videos, downloaded files, images, apps, favorite files which make it easy to search a single file from hundreds of files on your phone.



ASTRO file manager app is one of the most popular best file manager app developed by Metago in Marietta, Georgia.

It’s also rated among the top ten file manager apps by top tech bloggers,¬†especially in the app review niche.

The app has an easy-to-use interface which you can browse your SD card and phone’s internal storage to locate files and even move from the main storage to the peripheral storage unit easily and swiftly with a copy-and-paste method and group select

The Astro free file manager app for android can also manage files (either it’s document audio or video files) in secondary storage facilities like the Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Memory Card and from other devices like PC, Mac and Linux system and the developer claimed they’ve taken poor network area and poor network signal into consideration, that the app would perform optimally even with a slow mobile network.

When a friend asked me, “What is the best file manager app for android ?” I simply replied by telling him “It all depends on your needs!”.

Astro file manager, for example, has a task management feature that allows you to block app processes that can drain your battery life and it also serves as a backup app that can safeguard your mobile apps to avoid loss in case of damage to the phone or other unforeseen circumstances.

Whereas, there are apps that are solely designed to perform these functions.

Astro app android downloads are over 70,000,000 and it’s one of the topmost used free file managers.

Although the app size and android compatibility are not released, the app seems to work with android 4.0 and above and if you upgrade your android version manually, you need to reinstall the file manager before it starts working very well again.