Best Jobs & Career Search Engine Apps Download

Jobs & Career job search app is one of the UK Job search app developed by Jobserve Ltd, a private company dealing with job boards, having its headquarter at Tiptree, Essex, UK; with offices in Canada, Australia, Thailand, etc.

This free job search app enables you to make a search for your favorite job in any chosen field and apply directly once found an available job from hundreds of thousands of jobs listed.

Most jobs you would find are Australian jobs, UK jobs, US jobs, Canadian jobs, and few jobs in the rest of the world.

Since the company is operating in these regions, it’s easy to get jobs quickly and everything is done on the app.

You can also set a job alert to get notified about a new job or specific job that matches your qualifications as a prerequisite so that you don’t lose your dream job to other job seekers.

It’s an ideal free ultimate job search that you can download on android and iPhone.

Either it’s oil and gas job search, marketing jobs, local job search, the app is one of the best job search and organizer app.

How to find jobs online from home

JobServe is a popular and one of the oldest UK job boards for IT and they’ve been helping people to secure their dream jobs in over twenty-five different economic sectors such as Finance, Infotech, Telecomm, Engineering Marketing, etc in the United Kingdom and beyond, globally.

You can use filters to make relevant job searches and upload your resume directly from the app.

In their latest updates, some bugs have been fixed especially different experiences of the users due to the operation makeup of their phone devices most especially when the phone is left to hibernate.

The Free job search app is relatively new with just 100,000 installs from the Google play store and it only requires at least android 2.2 for a successful installation.


LinkedIn Job Search App is one of the top 3 best job search app developed by
LinkedIn, a social network company headquartered in the USA and has many offices across the US States. The app has almost everything to effectively discover your desired job quickly. LinkedIn has been known for connecting people especially experts of different professions to get jobs before officially launching their job search app which quickly made this app to be popular.

You can get career jobs in your location by making the location-based search to get local jobs and set push notifications to receive alerts on job recommendations; you can also get commendations from other users who have trust in you.

To make everything easy while applying for jobs, make use of your LinkedIn profile and School qualification data without interfering with your LinkedIn account.

The LinkedIn job search app is a synergy of the LinkedIn job connection and job search app which gives it more power as there are already millions of business entities and individual professionals across the globe using the LinkedIn network.

Use can refine your job search based on the job location, the nature of the job, keywords, the company or business sector, job posting date to improve search result relevancy.

Do you worry about interference with your social account especially when you’ve connected your LinkedIn network with other social sites?

There’s privacy, so everything you do on the job search app would not reflect on your LinkedIn account; yet, you can see all your connections.

You can as well earn about the companies that posted jobs, do some other things like, tracking the job entries to know their status, saving the job searches to complete uncompleted applications, etc.


Indeed Job search app is a job search engine employing people worldwide for over ten years now; with a network in over fifty countries across Europe and Asia and it’s available in over thirty languages.

The app is one of the best job search apps and is currently the most popular after monster job search app.

The app is developed by, an American job aggregator based in Austin, Texas with offices all around the world.

Indeed job search app aggregates job listings from a job search website, companies’ job boards, and firms assisting people to secure jobs to secure employment with their resourceful job listing database.

It provides millions of job posts every day for you to get your dream job, apply, submit your résumé by uploading it directly without launching any mobile browser since everything is done directly on the app and you can as well import CV from other directories.

If you’re thinking of getting the best free job search app to download on your iPhone or Android phone.

The job search indeed app is the right choice with more than two hundred million unemployed people seeking to find a new job using the app from almost 20,000,000 jobs listed.

This great list of job posts is the main reason more people are joining job seekers using the app, especially in the United States.

You can use GPS to find jobs with the location near you, filter your job search by keywords in the job titles, office location, nature of the job, qualifications, and other parameters.

You can also follow a company you would love to work with even when there’s no job listed at the moment to get their news, company’s announcement, or any job opportunity, set reminders for postponed job entries, and also get job alerts to your electronic mailbox.

Other interesting features of the app are, detailed job post descriptions to have the right knowledge of the role you’re to play in the organization you want to apply for a job.

Ability to review job post reviews by other users of the app to save time in finding the right job and to quickly make the right choice.

The app size varies among different phone devices with a record of over 70,000,000+ installs from the Google play store.