How To Tie African & Nigerian Bridal Gele of Wedding Aso Oke Apps

Gele is any cloth fabric used to cover a woman’s head by wrapping it with the head surface. It’s believed by Nigerian women that, it shows their dignity, separate matured women from girls as they believe their hair is a thing of pride and should be kept unseen to every man.

Many people find it difficult to tie gele either it’s gele aso oke or bridal eye gele just because it’s time consuming, it requires you to get relaxed before you tie your gele or the fabric material is difficult to be used as head wrap. However, there’s an app that can hold you by hand to help you learn how to tie gele of any fabric or texture and also set the alert to receive notification on what’s trending in the fashion world.

How To Tie Gele (Head Gear) App is a top mobile app that teaches the A to Z of steps on how to tie gele on head using African gele with different styles; developed by Tegy24 Technologies, Nigeria. The how to tie gele app is very clear and Simple to use with guidelines, pictures and video instructional materials, and you’ll have the capacity to tie Gele (Nigerian Head outfit) effectively all alone!

Either you want to tie a Nigeria gele or wedding gele to make your outfits colourful, it’s a good news that you won’t require the assistance of your neighbor again to tie Gele as the app provide the detailed information you can follow and start making a great head wrap tie with friendly app interface to give you memorable user experience. The how to tie gele app showcase different head wrap styles, famous gele free.

Numerous individuals would concur that tieing a Gele is a major issue since we utilize them entirely rarely, The new application On the most proficient method to Tie Gele is a genuine saver for you that always feel reluctant to put on local dresses just to avoid head tie wrappers in that, you don’t know how to do it.

The app was just released few months ago, so I believe more updated is coming and it’s gaining popularity gradually with over 2000,000. The app requires at least android 4.0 before it can been installed and work appropriately.

Another How To Tie Gele is developed by Juliet Arakpogun Collections in Nigeria. The app is simple, lightweight and very resourceful as it provides videos in which one can learn visual steps in making gele tie in the head with several gele styles with skillful wrapping of the gele over the head surface. You can also get other tutorials and start learning how to make head tie with hijab if you’re a Muslim.

The app is just launched as at the point writing this post and it’s a great compliment to the other gele app if you must become an authority in making gele tie. My research and interaction with others showed that, some people are making money from just helping people to tie gele on going to a very important occasion. To download this how to tie gele app, your android should be on version 2.0 or above.


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