Body Fitness and Health Apps For Iphone and Android

Some have argued that technology has taken over all facets of our human and material lives and it will be safe to place a ‘true’ value on this and similar statements as we are not blind to the ongoing extreme revolutions in various disciplines like Medicine, where robots are set to supplant human surgeons.

In the Corporate world – chatbots preparing to do same to human customer service personnel.

In academics, we can also point to VR (Virtual Reality) and ARs (Augmented Reality) replacing tutors and teachers and now, the often neglected science of fitness is joining the league.

We can go on and on without meeting any ‘stop’ signpost because this revolution is extensive, cutting across almost everything and everywhere.

However, we are going to be dwelling thoroughly on how this is affecting health and fitness, life and modern fitness app, the ways we maintain our body and mind fitness, and the roles of fitness app developers.

How to track your fitness b=via your mobile phone

The days of hiring a fitness trainer/expert, seeking fitness tips from doctors and physicians, tuning to fitness programs on television to get good fitness tips, and track our body fitness are to gradually fizzle away soon as we now have.

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Among other things, fitness tracker apps, fitness motivation apps, mind-and-body fitness apps on our android and iPhone, all thanks to technology.

In other words, we now have fitness gym apparatus ( health and fitness app) that plugs this need for us more cost-effectively and conveniently.


30-day fitness challenges, a NorthPark Android-offered app sized at 8.24megabytes, is not the number one fitness app though but one of the best health and fitness app to track our fitness level and for the whole family.

It’s a good fitness training app that promises a good number of features for a considerable size of different people in terms of what part of their body they are more interested in.

The smart fitness app automatically records the progress of users on specific workouts, this sometimes might not agree with your real progress due to some possible health conditions not envisaged by the developers but the recorded progress is scientifically expected generally if exercise and fitness activities were followed religiously.

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It also includes animated video guides to illustrate how workouts are done, this body fitness gym app takes users through different stages with increased intensity at a successive stage.

Besides those that are interested in full life fitness, it can also serve those with specific interests like a building of the butts. It also has translations in several languages with 500,000+ downloads recorded.


Flat Stomach Lumo-Well, is one of the best fitness trackers and user-specific fitness apps in the android app store served by Ego360 fitness app developer based in Napoli.

Just as the name suggests, it is designed particularly for the user’s desire of getting a flat tummy.

Unlike other health-and-fitness apps, this app didn’t stop at just workouts as it also features an automated diet planner/generator to compliment tummy flattening efforts.

Other features include phrases to reinforce your morale and sustain your fitness interest and motivation in the course and also a 4-week training program; having pledges of no internet connection requirement and adverts, all in the advanced version of the app.

It’s a fitness motivation app and It’s relatively high in size of 46.48 megabytes.

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Fitness and BodyBuilder is another good 24 hours fitness mobile app for Android devices, offered by NewYork based app developer, Softin NY.

This fitness app shares many features with the preceding ones so we are going to be looking at only reasons it stands out from the rest.

It includes an exercise timer and reminder, users can save data of their weight and how much of a particular exercise they have taken, apart from video guide, this app has text instructions and pictures on various workouts, an interactive graph to track progress in terms of performance or weight shifts, it supports all languages and the most of it all, it is very customizable.

It’s 30.95 megabytes by size and unsurprisingly boasts of 1000,000+ downloads. I hope you’re going to have a good choice to make from the selections of these body fitness applications.

However, there are some other apps like Beautiful breast workout, abs workout, Butt, Legs and Hips workout, etc that could perhaps be looking at.