Publiseer Online Music & Book Publishing Growth Projection

Digital Media market growth

The global media and entertainment industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the last decade.
The digital media market is still expected to grow at about 4% this year and the next.
This has made the companies in various verticals of this industry to increase their network and tap more into the huge potentials of this market.
One of the top digital media companies in Nigeria, Publiseer, recently discussed their preparedness to grow their music and ebook publishing platform to become one of the best in Africa.

Publiseer Growth Projection

Chidi Nwaogu, the Co-CEO, Publiseer said within the next five years, they will transform from being a digital content aggregator to being a digital content marketplace that directly sells digital contents on different verticals.
His plan is to start off with their regular digital products which are e-books, audiobooks, songs, music videos, short and feature films, and movie series.
He continued, as we continue to grow in user size, both with the number of creators and customers using our platform and also in revenue, we will gradually add more types of digital content.
This will be based on the results of a continued survey we will send out to our customers, to know what type of content they will love to see on our platform.
We intend to build a digital content marketplace where creators from emerging markets can sell their digital content to the entire world, and build a growing fanbase as they do.

Publiseer Subscription

We will launch two revenue models for our digital content marketplace to foster flexibility.
For our customers that often consume more content every day, the subscription-based model will be excellent for them since they consume a lot of content regularly, and thus the ‘pay per item’ model might be not be encouraging for them.
But for those who do not consume a lot of our content regularly, the subscription model wouldn’t be ideal for them, so they will find more sense in paying per item.
So, both models will be put in place and will be tailored to the right customer.
We will work hard on our product to ensure that it has the most flexible payment system, which includes airtime payment, mobile money payment, and bank card payment.
This will make our platform the most convenient customer payment marketplace.
How Music and Book publisher will get their rewards
In addition, our creators will be able to receive their royalties through a very flexible payment system, which includes local bank account transfer and mobile money transfer, making digital content monetization fast and secure.
Also, our creators will be able to sell their content on our platform using two methods, the freemium and premium method, which makes it flexible.
For those who don’t have the money to list it on our platform, they list for free and share 25% of the revenue with us. And for those who have the money, they pay an upfront yearly recurring fee and keep the entire revenue.
The beauty of this system will be that our creators can switch from freemium to premium at any time, and back, giving them the flexibility that they need.

What is Publiseer Pro

To build upon our value proposition, we will be introducing ‘Publiseer Pro’.
Typically, when a creator signs up to our platform, their content is non-exclusive to us.
This means that they can sell it elsewhere if they want to, i.e. they keep all the distribution rights to their content.
However, we intend to discover and sign creators whose content we strongly believe in or those whose content is selling faster than others.
When we sign such creators, we go into a contract for a minimum of two years, and we work closely with them to promote and launch their careers.
They will move over to ‘Publiseer Pro’, which discovers, signs and builds rising African talents.
In a nutshell, when we find a creator we believe in, we offer them an exclusive distribution deal which includes strategic planning, marketing, financing, branding, and PR.
This is focused on keeping our successful creators. In the next five years, our goal is to grow Publiseer into being the number one goto utility in Africa for digital content distribution.
And judging from the increasing rate at which people from the UK, Canada, the United States, and Sweden are signing up to Publiseer, who knows, Publiseer could be a global phenomenon.