Tips For Hiring Freelance Programmer For iOS, Android, Web Project

It is the responsibility of an agency, making sure that their clients get complete solution from a single source.

That is, from concept to implementation and marketing for app development, helping with mobile technology in order to reduce costs for the clients to earn more money on their apps.

In other words, good agencies create value for their clients and in return, they ensure long-term customer loyalty.

Even though business happens again and again, developers remain for some time without work when there’s no project to work on.

The programmer will continue to receive his salary but no added value and it can take even a few months. A nightmare for every manager.

On the other hand, there are many companies from software – but also from other industries, which in the short term programming need resources but can not find good hands.

The reason for this is that the developers are currently sought after as gold and it is virtually impossible in the short term to find a good developer.

A friend of mine said he has written up to 30 iOS Freelancer recently and all of them were booked out months ahead! That will not change in the medium term also.

Do you want to to rent a programmer for your project?

  • You have short-term needs for developers in the following areas: iOS, Android, Web frontend, backend.


  • Ask the programmer if they have the capacity (and usually it is not avoidable) and to get introduced to developers where you can access their profiles in terms of training, curriculum vitae, portfolio.


  • You contact the developers directly, set the tasks, check the quality etc.


  • Make findings on their prices on the website and you pay the agreed price.


Project instruction
You have not had a team and don’t have time, desire and resources to build a team or is your goal not. Everything from a single source you want so a partner who takes care of concept, design, backend, frontend, testing, project management and support, as well as you with the marketing of your product (if relevant) helps.

Then go to an Agency and a carefully programmed and packaged product.

• Full service
• Quality control is included
• Little time effort on your part
• No team building necessary, you don’t care about the team

• The average solution can be more expensive

Hire Developer
Do you own a software company or a company from another industry, but, they lack a backend developers. You want to set any new developers as the need, for example, only for the next 3 months. In this case, you can go for agencies.

Your Advantages
Full flexibility, no bureaucracy… You need a developer to help yourself! You shall not pay the overhead to testers, project manager, designer, etc.

You pay only for the developer. Despite a direct structure of cooperation, some may guarantee the quality, motivation and clean implementation of the project as an Agency.


Why do you’ve to choose the agency on your plan or reject it
There are many alternative sources for the programmers, such as local freelancers, the platforms such as oDesk and Upwork or even direct outsourcing across Asia and Europe.

Mostly, it costs from 60 Euro per hour. The local Freelancer in iOS, Android and comparable-80 Euro/hour.

If you extrapolate this sum on a month, also with consideration of all possible deals and discounts, you come to far higher sum than what they ask in India and some other countries in Eastern Europe.

Freelancers abroad–Eastern Europe, India, etc. cost at least 25 $30 per hour. At prices that are below that level. The quality is rather not particularly high.

The good programmers demand even 40-$50. Why? Because you can do it, and because quality costs. So expect at least with 4 000-5 $000 (or euros, nowadays almost the same) per month.

To come with legal risks associated with foreign and accounting difficulties at settlement (missing invoice, VAT number, etc.) You can find a partner of course directly from far abroad, the offshore – stuffing makes, but in this case, you must make two questions: who and for what price will the project and Why do you have so little money?

What should you expect in offer
Finally we come to the question, from what area you can hire programmers from the right source. They’ve to distinguish between mid level (> 2 years) and senior level (> 3. 5 years).

iOS Developer: objective C, Android developers (Android Java), Web front end developer: HTML5, JavaScript (node. JS, angular, jQuery), CSS (CSS 3, responsive design, bootstrap, Foundation)

Backend developers:
Languages and frameworks: PHP (Laravel, CakePHP), ASP. NET, Java, Database: MySQL, SQL, NoSQL MongoDB Web service: JSON…