How You can Easily Double Up Social Media To Cover Traffic To Your Site

how to drive quality web traffic to your online store and increase sales

Most of the businesses are publishing content as a proper way to create their audiences and increasing traffic to the websites.

Well, they might not be procuring everything they want from one content piece they have created so far.

In case you are absolutely serious about the content you have created, then you have to be similarly serious about driving that amount of content over social media too.

One of the easiest and proven ways to do that is by sharing content on social media more than once.

Get double of your blog traffic promoting on social media

It might sound a bit simple but the answer is no, it is not.

What are The next steps you should follow?

Just after publishing that new blog post, you have to promote the same on multiple social media.

Whenever you plan to share it on each of the available networks, you are actually garnering some clicks for every share.

Once shared immediately on multiple social media sectors, the response seems to be quite promising and it looks great!

  • Now, the main question is what actually happens if you share a link of the same post the next day for the second time?
  • Do you think that the traffic will double up?

Well, the answer is no. This is not exactly what happens during that second round of posting.

But, in case you plan to share the link for the third time, the traffic will be over doubles at this point.

So, the point over here is that the more you share it, the more likely you will end up with clicks.

The more followers for Instagram you have, the higher will be the sharing count upon a single request towards them.


Is it ok for You to share content over once?

Sharing content multiple times on the social media can often trigger some of the strong reactions.

Some people usually do not care for the practice of just sharing same content over once on the social account.

But most of the time, it is hard to argue with the answer.

You might have thought of sharing the strategy of own startup promoting the blog content on the social media.

Do you know how many complaints you might have received?

Well, zero is the answer.

The reality is that hardly anyone cares or even notices.

Even if they do, what will be the worst case scenario?

One major aspect of marketing is that no one actually notices everything that you do.

The social media followers are not like your RSS subscribers, going through each post and reading it.

Moreover, sharing over once is probably an essential part of just providing audiences with the value you have promised them with.

So, if you do not share the links, you wont get to see any updates.


Ways You should avoid being a spammer to your Followers :

You might have come across so many people complaining about some of the users sharing content way too many times.

Well, such complaints are no doubt valid. The users had already installed a plugin, whose main job is to share the old blog posts, quite randomly once in every single hour.

This was more like a hectic work and it actually seemed like spam.

Even though, this strategy might lead to some added clicks but for the shorter term, it is not the right kind of practice to perform.

If you end up sharing way too many times, people will start to ignore your tweets and un-follow you completely.

In case, you are planning to share content more than a single time, then there are some rules you have to follow for the same.


  • The first one is that you have to take followers right into considerations

The social feed is just for them and not quite for you. Avoid turning into a spammer.

For that, you need to create one smarter schedule in place of a crowded one.

On the other hand, you better consider your habits.

How are you supposed to use the social media and where will be the limit to it?
Avoid crossing it, to say the least!

Make sure to not do anything that you will not like later.

How are you supposed to react if you ever saw another user with the same strategy like yours?

It proves to be a great gauge as you will not be the only one to be feeling this way.

Moreover, you should always provide value. Just like it has been mentioned, promoting content over once is a good thing as long you are working on it to provide value for the said audience.

Once you have agreed upon following these rules as the ground norms, you might be able to end up developing a greater social based promotion schedule, designed for the content.

It can actually double up the traffic, as you have asked for it.


  • Make sure to develop one sharing schedule:

To start with the content sharing option over social media more than once, you need to develop simple schedule to provide some guidelines on ways you want to share the content on every network.

Through this schedule, you will end up tackling some major questions like how often you get to share the content, is that any sort of preferred time to keep in mind and how long will this content remain fresh to share.

You better be aware of the time you should give between each one of the new social message.

There are some ways, which will further help you to create variations in social sharing schedule you need to care about.


  • Always be very careful of the planning you make

You just do not want to send message right one another after or in a big clump as that is where the spam thing takes place.

Remember to get these points now and you will end up with the best ways to double up your content on social media, and end up with perfect traffic as asked for.



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