How to transfer Photos from your Phone to another

how to transfer from one android to another without bluetooth

You’ve got that lovely picture you took in a very attractive environment and I’m sure you want people to have a look. The following photo sharing applications would meet your needs.

how to transfer from one android to another without bluetooth

Cirqle app

Cirqle photo sharing app permits you to make “cirqles” which is like a group to enable you share your beautiful and stylish photographs and video recordings to your friends.

It gives you the authority to choose others to become your team mates, assigning them the administrative responsibilities to add photos in the cirqle.

They can also include content in the cirqle.

These cirqles take into consideration an interesting experience when various colleagues meet up.

You can make a cirqle for any subject and you can create multiple cirqles, include a few partners, and look as your cirqle develop with remarkable contents that are specific to the subject from experts.

To really sweeten the deal, Cirqle makes it simple to add embedded web-links that link back to your website.  This also drive traffic to your blog.

With Cirqle 2.0 version that was just released recently, it is shown clearly that Cirqle is keen about value and they’re trying to create a wide margin to put Cirqles over other competitive apps in the photo sharing space.

Cirqles now offer offline mode in the new version which is built with the capacity to utilize phone bluetooth to share contents with others without data connections (Internet).

Another thing that makes this app great is that it allows you to share photos with people in your cirqles even when they’re offline.

Even when the signal is weak, it can still send message offline and once the the network is back, they would get a push Notification.



Oggl is one of the picture sharing apps that’s made simple to use with a nicely configured interface.

Once you tap the application on your phone to launch it, it goes automatically to the camera mode.

To take a photograph, you just tap the yellow camera icon at the base of the screen.

However, the application truly just works in portrait mode, tilting your smartphone to landscape mode simply pivots the symbols yet very little else.

To take a look of the pictures you have in your library of photos, just tap the photo icon which is at the left side and it takes you through to Oggl’s photograph library.

There, you will be able to see pictures that have been imported with the application. You can also access the feeds of photos of other users on the the application.

In order to view the range of inatalled “movies” and “lenses” on the app, you just have to tap the picture zone and a little “M” symbol slides out from the left – tap this and the present mix would be shown to you.

You can change from “Movies” to “Lenses” and vice versa by swiping it left directly.

You can likewise create a favorite list by clicking the star-icon and also check how filters affect your photo or edit it after making changes to it.


Android beam app

Android beam photo sharing app works with android version 4.0 and above and use “Near Field Communication” (NFC) functionality to share photos with friends.

To share photo, tap and open the photograph you need to share and place your smartphone with the other phone on a back-to-back position.

It will ask you to beam the photo by choosing the ‘Touch to beam’ option and you can also share a bulk of pictures by long-pressing the photo thumbnail and select all the pictures you wanted to share and send them with just a click.