Download Best Free Online Texting Apps from Computer To Phone

Free Phone Calls, Free Texting is an android app developed by Dingtone, Inc app developer in California. This online texting app enables you to call and send text messages to your friends, once they are using the Ringtone calling app.

You don’t pay a dime for this calling and texting service and your local operator would not charge you any amount as it uses Push-to-talk tech and it’s of a walkie talkie.

There’s absolutely nothing you can do with your local call that you can not do with this free calling  app that also allow you to send free text message online.

You can initiate conference call to connect your friends together, hold a family meeting on phone conversation and lots more with the mobile app.


Ringtone free call and text app is available in more than 200 countries which means that, the reach of their network is wide and you’re on point to make free local calls as well as free international calls which are limited. However, you can purchase credit to make further calls to people who’re not using dingtone.

While using this app, the quality of the calls over 3G network and WiFi is second to none with their HD technology and dedicated VoIP network to transmit high quality call conversation. Also, you get free US call-line number so you could appear to be calling from USA if you don’t want to reveal your location to the receiver and you can enable caller ID in order to reveal your identity to the call receiver.

The app interface is good to navigate to tap into the features of the app. Send voicemail, including visual voicemail to your friend if he’s not available to pick up your calls, block disturbing calls especially those promo calls and forward your virtual phone number to your home or office phone number.

SMS Text Messaging -PC Texting is another great app developed by MightyText: SMS Texting w/ PC – Free SMS Messaging app developer in California. This app is good for those that send much sms daily and would like to send text directly from their computer.

SmS Text Messaging to PC allows you to easily send text messages on your PC without using your smartphone, work faster, thereby save time and energy and improve efficiency. It’s good for those at the enquiry desk in office as the app enable you send text, read text, read MMS, identity the client that’s calling and to quickly respond to his queries, all from your computer.

If you have business that you’re saddled with the responsibility to send text every now and then, this is the ideal app to use. You don’t have to check your phone each time there’s incoming call or text while you’re busy in office, do everything on the app and stay focus on your work.

The text messaging app is capable to schedule the time you want SMS to be sent from your phone, get notification coming from third party apps on your phone so it’s a great benefits having chat messages relayed on your computer screen. Also, you can get alert when your phone battery is low.