Male & Female Japanese Name Generators – Surnames| Given Names with Meaning in Kakatana, Hiragana for Cute Baby Girls & Boys

Japan is a very popular country in Asia, known for their advanced technology and electronics productions and some other things.

Japanese names are written in kanji, similar to Chinese characters but the pronunciation distinctly differs and Japanese name usually have different meanings associated with it, hence the different styles in written their names.


Some Japanese names are in kakatana while some are in hiragana, however, the Japanese bear two names, the surname and the given name and they reflect their nature and culture.

For example, most of their surnames are named after the nature of some particular environment and topography.


Tomnatt This is one Japanese names generator that can get you cool names with just a click of a button. You only select the gender and you’re good to go. It pop up 20 names at default, which is also the highest number of names you can generate at a time.


It creates Japanese surnames and first name only. When tested, several popular and uncommon Japanese names were generated for girls and boys. Some examples are the Cho, Yo, Jun, Koi names which are ancient and traditional names that are just one syllable

japanesetranslator  This is more of a name converter and translation tool for non-japanese. If you want to know what your name will be in Japanese and how it can be spelt.

This program would translate any foreign name written using the phonetic katakana alphabet to real Japanese name written in kanji characters.

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To use it to interpret your name, input your name and select the writing style you want, either traditional Japanese names, Calligraphy, Antique, Manga, Sans-serif, Quirky or modern names and translate.


This tool also serves as Japanese names dictionary as it has thousands of male, female, baby boy and baby girl’s names which are quite written in ideal Japan writing style and standards. It does not pull names randomly from third party database but has its own manually selected names’ list.

Frenchboys  This site is a simple Japanese random name generator for both male and female gender. It display the surname and first name only.

Other generating tool built on the site can generate names of places, country and city.


Other standalone programs generate people’s names such as fantasy name generator, French male and female names generator and also French female and male name generator, Medieval Female and Male Name Generator.  This site will help you to change the syllables in your English name to Japanese syllables and get you the Japanese meaning of your name.

It does this in different Japanese writing format, from the old katakana formatz romaji style and the modern kanji format and display the meanings of the characters.


Another similar tool is which also translate your English name to kakatana. This is also a free English to kanji translation tool. It has helpful resources to guide you if you want to write in Japanese, Katakana, Hiragana and Kanji.

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babble focuses on baby’s names, worldwide baby’s name, popular names, sad Japanese or any other country’s baby’s name, ugly baby names. If you know any name and you want to get the meaning, just input it and it will find the meaning.

On its own is a program to explain the English meaning of different Japanese names, either those traditional names or modern names and give more details about the names.


enneadgames Only randomly generate 10 names anytime you visit the site; five male names and five female names.


babyname : As the name implies, it’s all about baby names. You can select different Japanese baby names that starts from A to Z on the site. You can also generate male and female names having attributes naturally associated with it.

Japan has a very rich culture which also reflect in their names, culture, places, aesthetics and so on.


From the list of names on their homepage, there are baby’s names for both girls and boys with their meanings. Tou can select gender, click on the name you like and get more information about it.

Some of the popular Japanese names on their list are Aito- meaning a Darling child, Akira- meaning an intelligent person, Andrea- Darin, Daichi: meaning Impressive or grand first son, Daisuke- meaning Impressive or it’s of great help, Eiichi- a prosperous person, Eiji- meaning The second born child in a family etc.

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The tool does not only generate Japanese names, there are other ethnic groups you can also get names from.examples are African names, Arabic names, Aramaic, Armenian · Basque, Catalan , Celtic , Chinese,


You can as well select names based on attributes, let’s say you want names for a bad boy, names for gentle person, heroic names, biblical names, Aristocrat Names, Brainiac Names, Cowpoke Names etc. Also search names based on how popular they’re and time they’re used most.


Momjunction is a similar one to babynames but with added features like the ability to select religion and get names based on a particular religion, country and a target a particular ethnic group in such country and select the English meaning of what the name should be.


This gives you a almost accurate meaning to the name generated, however, the result is not as specific as the variables are selected, meaning that, the more specific parameter you choose the less you’re going to get names suggestions.


Springhole: Use this to find random Japanese names you can use. Select the gender and it’ll generate Japanese surname and first name.


Other generators by the same developer are Animal names generator, random school name, Basic Character & Appearance Generator and Teen Names Generator in Anime version, Fan Fiction Story, Magical Girl Team name, Animesque MacGuffin Name and Kaiju Generator