Chinese Name Generators for Male & Female

China is a very popular country in east Asia and generally in the Asian continent.

They have a rich culture and very preservative as their culture reflects in their clothing, house architecture, entertainment, just to mention a few.

Chinese names are also popular as they’re used in other Asian countries like Hong Kong, the Mainland, the republic of china, etc, and also modified versions are used in some other places in Asia.

If you would like to create a Chinese name for yourself, a new baby, or for getting accepted into the Chinese community, you can create their modern names, a full name having the surname and the first.

You can also generate nicknames and funny names online, clan names, family names, style names and courtesy, etc.

chinese name finder sites


works as a translator. Visit the site and you’ll see the short box where you can input your English name or any other name and translate it to Chinese name, Korean, Japanese, or Thai names.

You Can also Write your name in Chinese characters with pronunciation, calligraphy, and meaning.

You give your English name and their tool translates it to corresponding Chinese names in the appropriate gender form.

It has a list of male Chinese names and female Chinese names placed side-by-side with their English meaning.

It has generated names from over 10 origins other than English. Origin such as Arabic, Greek, Italian, Polish, Indian, German, French, Spanish, Scottish, etc.

It provides other services such as Chinese language learning, traveling and studying in China, converters, translation Services, Chinese slangs, popular expressions, idioms, songs, learning Chinese culture, and others.


Bestlittlebaby: This site makes Chinese names easy to find. You can get Chinese last names, surnames, common male and female names, names for boys and girls by selecting the gender only and click generate to pop up list of random names.

You can also scroll down on the site and pick one of the trending names for that day or choose from the categorized lists of names.

Some of them are the top baby name list, baby girl names list, baby boy names list, unisex names, and similar names.

If you’re looking for something advanced, you can try some of other translators and calculators such as Due Date calculator, Advanced Baby Name Search, Pregnancy – Week by Week, Name games, Random Name Generator, Pilot, Zookeeper, Doctor, Chef, Astronaut, FBI names generator, and Mermaid name generator.


Chinese tools: This is one of the online name generators that produce real names, not in phonetics.

You get traditional Chinese names that are commonly not more than four characters.

You can generate first names, nicknames, and last names according to their sex. You can as well follow their download link to install their apps on your android device.


Rumandmonkey: is a big name in the online name generator niche. It works simple, just input your name, and the Chinese translation will be generated. It’s as simple as that.

Other similar generators they’ve built are Japanese name, Korean name, military code name, Irish, Ancient Greek, Iraqi Leadership name, Thai Name, DJ names, Anime Names, Dragon names, Website Names, Egyptian Names, Russian names, Jewish Names Generator and several others.


Worldnamegenerator: This is an ideal random Chinese name generator. It randomly generates 15 names, each specifying the corresponding gender, either male or female based.

This is simple even for the dummies as you still get names with corresponding attributes even when you don’t make any specifications.

It gives you family names, given names, and a boost of about 40,000 Chinese names. If you want more than 15 names, you can increase the count up to 100.


Mandarintools: This one is very unique to others we’ve tested. You input your given name, family name, select your personality such as strength & power, wealth & fortune, beauty & appearance, mind & intelligence, this tells about the essence or meaning attributed to your name, your gender, and date of birth and click on GET A NAME

As the result, you get Surname, middle name last name with the last two names in Chinese having its name attributes in English. You also get a note on how the names are generated


Fantasynamegenerators is undoubtedly a simple generator. Once you visit, 10 random neutral names will be generated and you can now click to generate either male names or female names and you can decide to generate another set of neutral names.

Other features of their tool are Fantasy Names, Real Names, Place Names, Pop, town & city, pet names, Dragon ball names, Fairy tale names, Harry porter, Diablo names, and several other names that can be generated.