7 Mobile Apps for Worship Teams to Download on Android & iphone

Running a worship team is a juggling act. A lot of organization, a lot of planning, a lot of tech and a lot of adequately placed music just scratch the surface.

Thankfully, with today’s technology, there are plenty of Faith based apps that are specifically geared towards worship and service.

Different religions now have there leaders developing applications to make learning and getting used to their doctrines easy. These apps are in different categories, some are sermon based and for daily devotion, some for worship songs, constitution etc.

Looking at some apps that are developed by independent app development companies and individuals for religious purpose, here comes some important ones you should know.


Planning Center

This is an all-in-one app available for both iPhone and Android. It was created and designed explicitly for church worships teams. It allows teams to schedule musicians, plan services, choose songs, attach chord charts, listen to MP3s, and communicate with your team. There is a free plan and a paid plan with more options.


Evernote and Scannable

Evernote is perfect for worship teams, both in its mobile app form and its desktop form. You can take any kind of note and easily share it with others. Notes can consist of typed notes, drawings, audio clips, screenshots, and bookmarked web pages.

Evernote’s new daughter app, Scannable, allows you to use your phone as a scanner and take a photo of music to save as a PDF. It is available for free for iPhone and Android. There are in-app purchases.


Special Guest

If you are interested in booking live entertainment for your services or church-sponsored activities such as Christian bands, motivational speakers, or even Christian comedians, this is the perfect app to use.

You can quickly browse local guests lists to find talent in your area. It also lists the talent’s terms and compensation. You can even book them directly through the app.



Music is one of most prominent parts of a worship team’s responsibilities. This favorite app is perfect for creating your worship team’s personal worship playlist.

Since it is free to download on iPhone, Android, and your desktop, it is excellent for worship teams that don’t have a large budget to buy the music.

You can also share the playlist with anyone in your congregation that has the app. This way, they can take home the music they hear on Sunday and listen to it throughout the week.


Worship Team

Naturally created and designed for Christian worship teams, this is a service building tool. It allows you to build a calendar, communicate within your worship team and congregation, and has a bunch of team tools.

It also has a library of over 8,500 songs with legal access to the lyrics, chord charts, and audio.



Playback is available for iPhone through multitracks.com. This premium app has a library of original artist master stems for worship songs.

There is also a paid version that allows live editing of tracks during rehearsal and live worship.


Bible You Version

The You Version of the Bible app is the perfect app for worship teams across America. It has many versions and translations of the Bible in over 50 languages.

Perfect for in-service use, this app allows you to compare different translations, bookmark or highlight verses, and share your notes publicly.

You can add friends and discover church events. There is even an audio reading available, as well as reading plans and daily devotionals.