Special guest App – Connecting Talents and Hosts in America

There’s much more to talents in becoming successful as an entertainer. The debate on whether talent, hard work or luck is responsible for great success is unending.

Damon Wayans Jr., a successful actor, comedian and producer who’s also born into a family of High figure in the entertainment industry realized that talent is not enough.

He might not have thought much of how young talented Americans who sing, do comedy shows, act etc never go far until he was overwhelmed by a lady performance in open mic.

Open mic or open microphone is a live show where entertainer either amateur or professionals are given the opportunity to showcase their works and practise their materials.

This is what brings the idea to develop a platform that would close the gap between talents and sponsors.

He conceived the idea that’s built into the special guest app today with the partnership of a tech entrepreneur, Kris Jones who has already co-founded the French girl app where digital artists can sell their digital pic, drawings and sketches.

The special guest app is one of the best and successful entertainment apps meant to connect comedians, circus, actors and actresses, musicians, impersonators, instrumentalists, DJs to their host.

As an entertainer, getting a good artist manager to promote your works and getting your name out there isn’t easy if you’re not having the financial strength.

However, special guest app can help in this regards as you have the opportunity create good profile for yourself.

You can list your skills, talk about previous works on the app and connect your account to social networks like instagram, twitter to get more exposure.

This gig booking app is also built with both entertainer and talent seeker on mind.

There’s more like a community where agents can write review about talents and vice versa, this ensures quality talents get more work while good hosts also get the best entertainer.

Special guest app is your number one app to download free if you’re seeking raw talents in Los Angeles or New York and across America.

This app also reduces some tasks on the part of both the entertainer and the host in terms of sending pitches and getting feedback, coming to agreement and making or receiving payments.

The entire booking process can be finalized on the app with its inbuilt functionalities like discovery, communication, agreement, payment, cancellation of order.

Special guest app is not just helpful in getting talents or venues, it’s easy to find the kind of partner you want.

Using the filter feature will enable you to fine tune your search and get close to or exact kind of talent you want to hire or the host you want to work for.

For example, venues can search for entertainer based on the talent, i.e, comedian, videographer, actor, musician, magician etc, location, price, availability, ratings and number of previous work that is being completed.

Do you want to have the feel of special guest app, sign up on the site using your email or facebook account.

After that, choose a user account which you can use to search for entertainer or talent account which can be used to get gigs.

For entertainer, it’s completely free as you’re not charged anything for getting gigs and receiving payments into your bank account or venmo account as you choose.

For venues and hosts, you’re being charged a small fee for getting quality talents and hassle free process of getting talents for your shows.