Techpally – Winner of the Best Tech Blog Writer Award of this Year

Best Tech blog in Nigeria

Today is another great day and the Techpally team have been full of excitements as this year Best Tech blog award voting has just ended

Best Tech blog in Nigeria

This is an award organized by couponcode, a rating and coupon company based in Netherlands and operating in over nine countries across Europe and Africa.

We’ve been topping the table for weeks but towards the tail end of the competition, I was just refreshing the page to see how everything ends till I shut down the computer.

Opening it again and checking in on the site, viola, is already declared the winner of the competition.

This is the second time we’re winning this award in the technology category in succession as we won last year tech and gadget blog writer which gave us the automatic ticket to be nominated for this year award.

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We’re also happy to have won the best health and fitness blog writer this year and this has come in just two months after bagging the best blogger in the health category.

We got nominated along with other fourteen technology blogs and for the award that is open to the public to cast their votes for the sites they feel are producing great and helpful technology contents, we emerged the winner.

We become the winner after getting a total votes of 465 which translated to sixty-four (64) percent and for the other tech blogs that trailed us into winning this award, they’ve been wonderful and are listed below in descending order.

Atlanta based tech blog writer award winner

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The Techpally team sincerely appreciate the organizer of this award and commend the company’s effort in showcasing tech blogs as the relevance of technology in today’s life is nothing to be compared with.

The impact of technology is felt in almost every industry, from agriculture, medicine, media, manufacturing, education, finance, law and others.

People can not afford to be left behind in the trend of technology and it’s more important we spread the words out.


We also appreciate our esteemed audience and loyal followers across the globe, most especially from Nigeria for giving us their support to winning this prestigious tech blog award.

We promise to continue delivering great contents that are not just entertaining but also informative, educating and helpful in our everyday living.

We appreciate our partners in content production, webmasters’ communities, sponsors and influencer communities who have contributed greatly in our mutual relationships as maintaining and growing blog is time consuming and capital intensive.

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We likewise extend our gratitude to other nominees who have participated in this competition.


What’s Next?

We’ll continue to showcase talents in the science and technology industry, promote tech innovations and startups.

We’ll also continue to spread the words out about the impacts of technology on education and business in order to develop future tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who would solve as much problems of human life with science and technology.

For further award nomination and feedbacks, you can contact the publisher and you can as well share our pages with friends and followers