Korean Name Generator for Cute Boys & Pretty Girls

How to generate unique korean names for babies

A typical Korean name has a family name and given name in both South Korea and North Korea which commonly has one syllable or two.

The Korean names are becoming revised and romanized in this modern time and the extended family names are not much used again.

The Hangul version is also becoming obsolete since they’re now adopting the Chinese writing model, given the rise to the Hanja version and the present Koreans are now interested in using Latin, romanize their names, reverse the traditional version in such a way that it becomes similar to the western pattern.

Do you now want to generate ancient or modern Korean names for boys and girls, want your name in Korean letters, pretty female names and cute guys’ name or you want first, middle and last names that match popular surnames like Kim, Lee, Park, Choi, etc, the following sites are very helpful?

How to generate unique korean names for babies

Bestlittlebaby: Although you can register on this site and have additional benefits it does not require signing up or log in to generate any name.

To create any Korean name for boys or girls, just select your gender from the box and generate it.

It will produce 10 native Korean first names and middle names that are a mix of common and uncommon names.

Looking for popular and short Korean names for your baby girl or boy, you can generate many names with the tool.

From our experience using this site, we discovered they have more Korean female names than the male names, no Korean American names, or any other middle eastern last names.

However, you can get names and their meaning from the lists they usually publish on their blog and get other names from the list of trending names, baby names list, popular baby names, similar names, unisex names, etc..

Other names generating tools are designed to create doctor’s name, astronaut names, Chef names, baby name generator, middle name generator, twin name, pilot name, zookeeper names, advanced baby names search with more preferences, pregnancy due to date calculator, hospital bag checklist and so many other useful tools.


enneadgames This one makes generating Korean names very easy.

Visit the site and about ten names, 5 female names, and 5 male names and you can generate another set if you don’t like the first result.

They’re names from both North Korea (DPRK) and South Korea (ROK)


koreannamegenerator works as name translation service where you just input a full name, let’s say your English and generate Korean name of that particular name.

It converts the names in hangul and Roman characters. It will not interpret the name and give the appropriate meaning.

Let’s say, you’re Andrew or Happiness, you can’t get the exact interpretation of the meaning of these names but only convert the alphabets to Korean characters and give you the names in how it may be written and sound in the Korean language.

Asian-fiction.com This site works in a unique way as the generator is not converting English name or allow you to set parameters for the names you want.

It chooses any Korean female name at random and creates a surname and given name that goes with the name, thereby generating a full name in the modern Korean language.

You can get the most common Korean names, old family names, uncommon names two syllables, those that were only common during the Korean war period. The names are given in hangul and in romanized forms.


Rumandmonkey is one of the well-known name generator programs. For Korean names, it’ll only suggest a similar name once you input your last name and first name, both make and female.



This Korean name generator will create a character’s name, generate a unique baby girl’s name and guy’s name for your cute baby boy randomly.

You can select Male first name, Male last name and first name or female first name, female last name, and first name and your date of birth to create your Korean name.


behindthename behind the name is a popular random name generator for different kinds of characters.

You select the number of the names you want, if only the first name, first and middle name, one first and 2 middle names or 3 middle names, choose your gender, either masculine or feminine, add your surname or generate it.

The plus to this generator program is that, it can also generate a brief life story for the character, checkbox to avoid names that are not popular or common, select Korean as your ethnic and pop up those names.


character.namegeneratorfun.com/ This one functions as writer’s character’s name generator where you select your ethic and gender only and you get any realistic name.

It’s not for the Koreans specifically since the names are generated randomly from a huge database of various and diverse names.

It generally works with Japanese names, Korean names, Arabic, Indian name, Cambodian names, Filipino names, Vietnamese names, or anyone who just need a name to use in books or movie.


Fantasynamegenerators generate 10 Korean names for both male and female gender and you can now select a whole 10 list of boy’s names only or girl’s name only.