Teleworka – A Productivity App to e-Commute & Work from home

How to ecommute and connect with your business partners with teleworka
Teleworking, also known as telework, e-commuting, work from home, or telecommuting is a way of rendering and receiving services without a physical meeting point.
It works fine where the service is more of counsel, recommendation, tutoring, and advice.
With mobile communication technology, you can use your smartphones or computers with internet facilities to have a video chat with people around the globe.
We now have virtual doctors, lawyers, teachers, and financial experts who work from home and offer their services to clients without having any office.
This has helped to reduce operating costs, increase productivity, work hours, level of flexibility, and improve the rate of employee retention.
All you need do is install a teleworking app on your device and set it up for video chat with people.
How to ecommute and connect with your business partners with teleworka

My experience with work from home application.

One of the best apps for remote workers I’ve ever used is Teleworka. It’s an iPhone app that’s damn simple to use to connect with your potential clients.
Telework is a telecommuting platform and app for skilled professionals. Irrespective of your field of discipline, you can always set yourself to be contacted by clients for assistance.
It allows skilled professionals, Academic experts, Health personnel, tutors, and advisors to provide live consults to clients with video-enabled internet device.
Head over to Teleworka on the Apple store to download the app on your iPhone. It requires iPhone 5s or above before it can work.
You can also download it on your iPad but unfortunately, the android version is not available at the moment.
Now, you can register, make your profile, and start your web video consult.
On your profile, you’ll need to set a unique username and you’ll get your personalized web link which you can share with people to get to you on telework.
Fill in your Name, About-you page, and Hourly rate in dollars. Add your picture, set the category of your service, and the area of specialization.
For the service users, they can browse expertise on the app. There are different categories –
Health provider, with specialties like oncology, nutritionist, dentistry, neurology, cardiology, urology, psychiatry, among others
Academic expert, with over fifteen fields of expertise from science, mathematics, engineering, law to philosophy.
Hobby instructor, Skilled professional, Tutor, and their respective area of expertise.
Once you select the category, area of specialization, a list of experts will be displayed.
If you know a particular expert and want to confirm if he/she is on telework, you can use the search tab. Simply type the initial to see members with similar names.
Once a user is interested to speak with a particular expert, simply open his link, enter your credit card details, and get connected to the expert.
For payment authorization, your name, email, card number, expiry date, and CVV are required.
You can also purchase tokens on the Telework app to pay such a professional.
$10, $100, $1000 will get you almost 10, 100, and 1000 tokens respectively.
How much tokens you spend per minute depends on the rate set by the professional. You can consider this while choosing the expert to speak with.
As an expert, once a client initiates a call, your telework App will ring just like your phone call and the caller ID will show up.
Telework estimates the cost of the consult, based upon the rate and the call duration. Once the credit is exhausted, the call ends.
As an expert, you get your payment within 24 hours, however, you need to have filled your bank account details, tax ID number, and profile correctly.
In this time of social distancing, Telework can still help you keep your business running.
You can communicate with your clients irrespective of their location and lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic.
Your employees can also work from home and get connected to your business partners.
If you would like to talk to me on SEO and content marketing, you can join me on telework here.