59 Top Websites to Learn Ethical Hacking Online

Today, Cracking and Hacking are almost used in the same context and many experts in computer programming have stood up to differentiate the two.

While Hacking and Hackers are more pronounced in the internet parlance, many ethical and certified hackers find it difficult to paint a good picture of the profession and broadcast its legality.

Hacking is being studied in universities and colleges across European countries and Asian countries and legal hackers are making much money from their technical skills.

This makes the profession to be attractive, especially to young adults who want to exploit their computing skills.

Websites to learn ethical hacking


There are different types of hacking and that’s the reason words such as good, ethical, legal are more used when hacking is used to solve problems that are not having direct negative implications to another party and unethical hacking is commonly called cracking by experts.

Having said that, internet security is much important to us and we join other authorities to condemn cyber crimes and terrorism but if you want hacking websites, forums where you can learn ethical hacking as a beginner, download content resources, and software applications.

Also, if you want to join online tutorial classes, meet with other hackers, learn tips to identify vulnerabilities in a system or program, I recommend the following hacking learning sites

Information about Vulnerabilities

Packet Storm Security

Explore Hacking

New Hack Daily

xisp.org downloads

Weekly Hacking Tutorial

Exploit Database

UK Hacking website

TinkerNut Hacking

Hack this Site

Evil Zone Hacking Forum

Cyber Security Training

HITB Hacking Information

SecTools Hacking Tools

Break the Security

CEH: Certified Ethical hacking program



Sentinel tools


mega security.org

Hacking site in German language


Hacking software



Hacking software download




Hackers to learn from

Ethical Hacking forum

XISP Hackers’ Forum

It’s important to know that, there are different types of hackers you will find in some of the hackers’ forums; some are a White hat, black hat, grey hat, blue hat, green hat, Neophyte, Elite, Hacktivist, Script Kiddie.

While ethical hackers do not make security to be vulnerable, unethical hackers hunt for vulnerabilities to exploit.

They carry out black hacks in different forms of attacks/ such as Cross-site scripting, Broken authentication attack, injection attack, clickjacking, Symlinking, Remote Code execution, DDOS attack, Cross-site request forgery, DNS cache attack, Social engineering attacks.

You can learn these hacking types altogether for your advantage to counter hacking attacks. It’s wiser to understand the approaches that hackers take to launch a cyber attack and the preventive measures to guide against it than to learn security strengthening measures alone.