Download Icd Cracked & Broken Phone Screen Picture Prank

Broken Screen Prank is a cracked screen app developed by StripeyMilk. It’s an entertainment app that can be used to prank friends and family, fooling them that your smartphone has hit a hard surface and your phone screen is cracked with a nice crack screen effect just like wallpaper on the phone screen.

The ICD cracked screen prank app will cover your phone with transparent broken glass with heavy cracks all through even after you launch other apps on the phone unless you disable this effect. To make it simple to apply the crack screen effects after you’ve successfully installed the app, shake your phone to enable/ disable it.

You can crack your phone screen even while you’re on game, when the phone is on screen lock and change the crack pattern from the list of patterns from simple ones (few cracks) such as bullet shot, fracture to complex ones (complete cracks) like ice leak version, shattered etc.

You’re advised not to abuse the use of this app as it has a very realistic screen cracks which can rarely be discovered as a prank unless to voice out the truth. Some daddy’s or mummy’s pet would like to get this app to fool their parents in requesting for a new iPhone or latest android or simply fool your boyfriend or girlie.

Download cracked phone screen prank on iPhone, android and iPad with improved version 1.3.3 which comes with better layout that fit well into any phone screen size and clearer cracked screen wallpaper on phone with high resolution. The app does not take too much of your phone disk space and it’s without annoying pop up ads; so we’re not surprised with over two million installs from google play store.

Crack my Screen- Prank Fun is also a very nice broken screen prank developed by softwego app builder in US. You get a broken screensaver with broken screen image prank on your iPhone that people would hardly know it’s just a fake broken screen within the timeframe you set.

Even as you run the app in background, you can still get vibration and sounds of broken glass which will confuse your friends and leave them with no other choice than to believe your phone screen cracks. You can also customize the app with little tweak to its features. With 24,000,000+ installs of just a prank app and less bug issue reported by users, it’s one of the best fake broken flat screen prank.

Another broken screen simulator is Broken Screen Prank developed by LosAngeles Night. It’s very similar to crack my screen- prank fun in functions and the app will simulate phone screen that’s broken with crack sounds on the phone. You can as well effect the cracked screen by shaking your phone, choose from different different crack effects.