Reasons Google Chrome is a Fav Browser for Gamers

Do you play any game online or you’re already into one type of money game or the other, making quick decision in a timely manner is therefore important. But have you ever asked your self which browser to use, knowing that you’re on fast internet network already.

Truly, money games like sports betting and other free games without having to stake any fund require a fast and responsive internet browser which can work well with any kind of program the site is built with.

The browser should also be able to show pages that are nested, pages that are opened within the page, pop ups etc and be able to collect information as fast as possible from the server.

Amongst all the browsers, Google chrome is one of the best if not the best browser for gamers. It has some common features and hidden features, extensions and plugins in the beta version which makes the browser a good one to play with with some tricks to get the best from it.

Is gaming what Google chrome is used for mostly? Nope ! It can be used for browsing any type of site. Some of the features that make people to like this application are the following

1. Free password manager (Last pass)

Data security is becoming more important than ever before. Hacking and cyber crime are threats to internet users and businesses, and data protection is also a priority in any online transaction.

Some browsers are not well coded and have several loopholes for hackers to easily access private information, user accounts and passwords. This is where the LastPass feature is helpful.

Google chrome LastPass is a protection manager that helps in generating passcodes that are very difficult for humans or crackers to guess using their hacking methods such as dictionary attack, brute force attack etc.

It randomly creates long, unique passwords with combination of different characters, making it unreadable and not pronounceable since English words are not used.

 Also, it helps in saving your password on your browser and only expect one to remember the extension used during creation. This LastPass is only available in chrome browser. You can try it on or other sites.

2. Pocket chrome extension

If you find a good tutorial or post online, may be DIY guide that you’d like to read later when you’re not busy, the chrome browser is a good one since it has advanced  memory for saving pages or website information.

The pocket chrome extension allows you to save pages and check the information therein later.

As a gamer, you can sync the sites you get information from regularly and this makes it easy for you when it comes to analyzing the information required.

3. The Categorizer

This feature help you in grouping your activities and categorizing the sites you visit based on some parameters and trends.

Let’s make it clear! Many people read news sites in the morning to understand the happenings around them, social sites are mostly visited when you’re out of office for the day while mails are probably read during work session.

Sites you get some guides and tutorials are probably visited during weekends or at night when you’ve less work to do and you’re more relaxed to read for a long time.

With the help of the categorizer, you can now categorize these actions depending on the number of times they’re repeated. Chrome is able to detect this and remember the exact past action.

This now make it an advantage for a gamer since it helps in remembering your previous actions and the pattern is identified. You can therefore use this data to improve yourself in gaming.

4. Form recovery: Lazarus

Ever tried filling some information online but at the end, you encounter error? This can be a pain in the ass since you’ve to start all over again. If the information required are many and let’s say you’ve filled almost all and such error occurs, you may get tired and not feeling like continuing it.

However, the effective chrome extension known as the Lazarus recovery can be helpful here as it help in temporary saving of your data as you fill in the online form. This then is a time-saving chrome extension which not only saves information but also saves time.

5. Cool  clock extension

The cool clock plugin is a time management application you can add to your browser to setting time, schedule and make fast decisions without delay.

Like i said, making quick judge of the situation and being fast responsive is an essential ingredient in gaming, especially in online games. Sometimes a person may be carried away and therefore faiil to read the time.

This can be avoided by the extension added to the Chrome browser. This cool clock enables one to add pop-ups that can be used to remind you of certain activities to be done within a specified time.

This pop-up may include the activity to be accomplished within a time frame or at a particular period. You can include a reminder like “Making game analysis at 7 p.m.”

The above chrome browser extensions are good for any gamer to have better gaming experience since it has more features which are advantages.

 For online betters, it is the best internet browser and one of the most used browser for playing money games due to its flexibility hence, making it the best browser with the most effective extensions or plugins


 Patrick Roth is a famous writer, blogger and passionate gambler from Berlin