Apps to help Backup Data on Android Phones

It is important to have a backup for almost all we have, ranging from files to even physical facilities like shops, companies etc.

Loss of vital assets like data can be very costly and fatal for individuals, businesses, governments and other entities.

There are numerous methods to backup phone data (files) with varying scopes in terms of what are actually backed up — from a tiny collection of files to a whole system image of a computer or smartphone, users really have a couple of options at their disposal.

However, for the purpose of this post topic, i will confine myself to phone backup applications available to rooted android devices.


This app is offered by Geneva based Titanium Track and sized at an incredible 4.65MB, it comes with a hell of super useful features.

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The app of course requires root permissions to function optimally , it can backup & restore apps, app data, SMSs , call logs, Wi-Fi password and so on.

It can also synchronize data to and from various cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Google drive and Box whether manually or otherwise depending on user preferences.

Titanium backup app also render some powerful services other than backup which we are not concerned with.

Some of these are useful to only smartphone nerds, like changing apps status from user to system, creating flashable ‘Zip’ files , restoring app or data backed up with different custom recoveries, making updates of stock app part and parcel of your phone ROM , the list is near endless.

This app supports a good number of android version including ,recently, the almighty Nougat variant.

It has a free and a pro version which comes with a fee, it’s so unfortunate that most of the more useful features mentioned are packed in the later.

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Ultimate Backup: The app is offered by JRummy App Inc. based in the US city of California, the developer is most popular with rooted phone users because it appears that most of her apps are root based ones.

Now, this piece of software is not well loaded with packages compared to others in this review but it’s still useful for meeting our backup needs.

There are other features like conversion of user apps to system status, controlling of permissions individual apps should get.

It can replace your phone’s app installer/ uninstaller and even task manager.

It serves as an app freezer and killer to save your device’s juice (Battery) from draining fast and also supports various cloud storage platforms.

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It can restore android backups with custom recoveries as well like Clockwork Mod (CWM) or Team Win.


Recovery Project (TWRP) : The app has a free and a paid version with more advanced function when one moves from the former to the later.

It’s 5.38 megabytes by size and has well over 500,000+ downloads to itself. The list here represents the most popular backup apps for rooted android devices, at least in the play store.

When compared to apps available to their unrooted counterpart, this is just a handful. Nevertheless, you are encouraged to choose the one that suits you as the number is endless especially from third party app stores or websites.