How to Track and Manage Time effectively with Apps

Most people waste much of their time without daily time management, only to become less productive and achieve less of their ‘Dreams’.

You remember the phrase ‘Time is Money’ , Time Waits For No Man’ etc. Elements such as Frustration, Distraction, Rejection, Procrastination will make you spend much of your time engaging in activities that may seem not to be productive.

While you can not escape all these, you need the best homework time management app to keep your home activities in order.

There are free best personal time management pps that can empower you to maximize your time potentials to enhance productivity either in business or for your self development.


Work-Flow is an exceptionally adjustable free time tracking mobile app that enables you to manage your time resources and save you from convoluted  and less purposeful activities you engage yourself each new day.

With this real-time tracking app, you can make special shortcuts in your smartphone homescreen that perform groups of tasks that are preselected in just in a single click.

Work flow is good for project time tracking to know how much time a project has taken and how much you’re right in achieving the segmented tasks or objectives towards achieving the goal of the project.

At the same time for employee time tracking to know how dedicated and committed they’re towards the project.

Thinking of a good android, iPhone or iOS time tracking app that’s integrated with several applications and tools such as Google Maps, Dropbox, Uber, YouTube and Social accounts

This app has over two hundred activities that are pre-installed which you can easily select and schedule time for which you want to perform it, Work-Flow free simple real time tracking app is a good choice.

Work-Flow time-tracker App eliminates the issue of ‘squandered time’ by computerizing your scheduled works for the day right on your iPhone or android with simple and speedy process.

It does not require special skills to use the personal time tracker app or navigate through the app interface.

Nice design I must say with drag-and-drop features which made it easy to create new applications and shortcuts on your smartphone screen



This is another fantastic real time tracker mobile app that can track, record and categorize your activities while online to determine how you spend your time and what you spend your time doing.

It breaks down all that you do in a day, from which applications you use, to the amount of time you spend on your most loved sites.

It’s a kind of a task time tracker app which can also be used in site or in business environment as project time tracker for effective project delivery.

Rescue time is more of a Time-Tracker App than Time-Scheduling  app and focus mostly on your engagement with phones.

The app is an automated free time tracker that can be used while on vacation and it’s also very good and useful to ‘young brains’ who are very skillful and talented but get addicted to phone usage.

It’s very useful as young adults can not do without online social media in a day, chat with friends or generally do without phone for a day.

Are you battling with your addiction to chatting or surfing the internet, do you need to dispose of the diversions throughout your life and complete your work faster, RescueTime is your choice.

It’s one of the best time tracker app  to find precisely which practice(s) have been keeping you away from concentrating on hitting your objectives and living more productively.

You can also use it for labor time tracking to evaluate the commitment of your employees in your organization or simply estimate the personal time you spend while on phone daily and evaluate how purposeful or wasteful you’ve been for the day. You can as well set the time manager app to block you from visiting some website you’re addicted to.

The simple time tracker tool also alert you when you are taking longer time on a specific task with well detailed updates (reports) to easily get you noticed of how much time you’ve spent in order to readjust.

You can enjoy this productivity freeware app either you’re on iOS, Windows, Linux , Android or OS X operating system.



Timely is an hourly time tracker mobile app good for effective time management, that tracks your time usage to show how long you stay on some projects or activities and help you to organize your work efficiently.

The app lays your tasks ahead of time and gives you a chance to gauge the amount of time you’ll have to set aside to handle your every day task.

Besides time tracking, you’ll have the capacity to make comparison on your work-time forecasts and to what extent it really took you to plan your works and execute them in order to improve on it and thereby improve efficiency.

The app also work for team of people with like activities, focused on achieving one goal and keep the team focused by regulating their efforts towards their purpose and determine which project work take much time than others.

It deals with time management and  gives you a chance to deal with your time resources all the more adequately and get over addiction to activities that run wild and non targeted towards achieving your goals.