Top 5 Image Editing Apps that are Browser-based

Nowadays, we live our life in reality as well as in the digital world. Our Facebook, Instagram and other accounts in social media create a great impression of our lifestyle, tastes and overall personality.


The photographs we post in the social Medias create identification in our digital life and are noticed by millions of users on the web. So we become conscious to present ourselves in the best form.


Although not everyone is rich enough to afford the cost of performing a number of plastic surgeries on the face and body to look beautiful and present themselves young and charming, one can at-least modify one’s photographs with right lighting, color tone and effects to exhibit better version.


There are a number of softwares available on the internet to beautify our photograph. But downloading software and then working on the photo will consume data and also take time for the process.


However, there is an easier option available; which is editing your photograph and beautifying it online in your browser simultaneously when you’re accessing your social media in another tab.

Let us discuss some of the best photo editors which are available online.



Photopea is an online editor which has similar features as Adobe Photoshop. Photopea which supports layers and masks an HTML5 web app can run in any web browser without the need for any plugins.


There are options of color editing tools, filters, and text editing tools, layers and masks. Though the free version is great, the appearance of frequent ads is a drawback.



Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor is one of the most powerful photo editors available online. The moment you load your photo, you will see the layers, masks, selection tools clone stamp and every other option related to your photograph.


With automatic and Manual color adjustment available in in this free Photoshop, you can beautify your pictures. This free online Photoshop editor is also available for usage in 28 languages which is a brilliant advantage but the smallest drawback with this editor is that it does not provide option for batch editing.


Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is one of the easiest software to learn and edit your photograph. Once you download the plugin and grant access to it, the sumo is ready for its match.

It will give a new dimension to your artwork by providing options like smoothing, random rotation and wet edges. Try sumo paint and make your artwork look as a Masterpiece.


Adobe Photoshop Express editor

Adobe Photoshop Express editor is an online and light version of the photo editing software. Since it is the trimmed version, it support only jpg files less than 16 MB.


Unlike other online free Photoshop editor, Adobe Photoshop Express editor supports usage in smartphones and Tablets.

This editor has superb features like pop color tool which enables you to change the color in a particular part of the image and fill light tool which brighten the photos which have poor lighting.


Hence, Adobe Photoshop express editor which only supports small-sized files does the job of photo editing with nothing less than perfection.



FotoFlexer is another powerful online editor that work brilliant for photographers. Once the photo is uploaded, a basic tab appears providing all the instant job like cropping, flipping, rotating, contrast, brightness, Hue, and saturation. You can also optimize old pictures to boost it colors.


The beautify option in fotoflexer has tools like healing brush and wrinkle remover, and there are also additional options available for editing curves.


These are some of the best rated photo shop free online editors though piZap, Fotor, Photo Raster and Polarr needs a special mention in the list. Try these photo shop free online editors and become important and noticeable in the digital world.