Download FingerPrint Temperature Thermometer App iPhone & Android


With advancement in technology everyday, people want to do things in a new way and people want to know how to take body temperature without thermometer and tell when one has fever. Have you imagined if there is an app that can take your temperature, check if your baby is having fever or normal temperature.

Some mobile apps are just taking advantage of this beliefs to develop apps to mimic the normal axillary/armpit, rectal, animal temperature thermometer and claim that you can check and tell what temperature is without thermometer. However, most  apps clearly state it that it’s just meant for prank.

 Fingerprint body Temperature Prank App is a mobile finger body temperature checker developed by Mobiland. When you think about digital temperature measurement tool, there are several medical thermometer but thinking or behaving like a doctor when you’re not, you can play prank on your friends and family with this fake digital thermometer on your phone.

Fingerprint body temperature prank is just an app that only display random temperature measurement when you scan your body temperature while you place your finger on the app. It is not in any way correlated with your real body temperature and it’s never medical apparatus; so you need to go to the appropriate quarters if you want to check your body temperature.

However, there are some people who give so much credit to this app because of relative measurement of body temperature when compared to the real body temperature measurement carried out in the hospital. You’re advised not to rely on this coincidental correlation as it’s just only body temperature prank app.

This fingerprint thermometer app calculates your body temperature to show you if you’re having fever or not just by putting your finger thumb on the app. It’s not a real temperature calculator so you don’t erroneously believe it’s an electronic or digital thermometer which is achieved as a result of advancement in science or health technology.

This fingerprint thermometer can make or mar you if you’re not conscious of the fact that, it’s just a prank app made just for fun and entertainment only. You can download the latest version from play store in any android 2.3 above and it’s already gaining popularity from east to west with 2,000,000+ installs from Google play store.

Finger Body Temp Prank New  is another fingerprint body thermometer developed by Sevennex developers. What it does is to calculate your body temperature with mere putting your finger on the app to know whether you’re having fever or not. It’s just meant for pranksters to fool any one with fake temperature calculation results released on the app.

The body temperature simulator app can be used while you’re offline as it does not need any Internet connection just like other finger body temperature app. The app really mimic real thermometer as it display your result on the thermometer scale and it can also show it in text firm in the right temperature SI unit.

Do you love your body temperature when the result is shown to you after scanning and analysis of your body temperature, you can share it with your friends on social media. Download it free on Google play store or any app directory and starting making pranks with your body temperature.

Finger Body Temperature Prank is also developed with some advanced features by Finger Fun LLC. It’s very simple to use, with colorful user interface and graphics. Just like other fingerprint thermometer, it’s a body temperature simulator that scans and analyze your body temperature.

Once you download and installed this powerful app, launch it and select your gender in the app, after that, place your finger thumb in the scanning pad and the app would automatically detect that and start scanning your body temperature; after few seconds, the result will be shown to you on the screen and you can simply share it with friends on Facebook or you ignore share.