7 Best Platforms to Learn Computer Programming Courses Online at Home

Platform to Learn Basic & Professional programming Courses
As a developer, there is always a need to transcribe programming language to computer language. The functions of the programmer and designer has been broadened and for this reason, we have programming analyst today who is synonymous with developer.

Based on this concept, we can say that the programming has taken a strong position in relation to one of the most significant stages of the computer age.

In many countries of the world today, we work to generate a Early learning by instilling children on programming-related topics. To make a contribution to this globalized full learning system, it brings us to a top of 7 pages to learn to program from scratch or if you prefer to take professional courses, you can find in the deferent portals that we recommend below.

It is an excellent place for children to start programming, it is based on a friendly¬†system in which it teaches the basic and medium concepts with cartoons. Its great success has made the companies and geeks in the world of programming to make their contributions to the development of the platform in providing values to ‘young blood’ (youth) that want to learn programming.

Code Academie
This is a well known platform to learn how to program for free and is one of the few that is in full Spanish language, this is odd to English speakers but that’s not enough to ‘eject’ this good one from our list. It manages the most known and used programming languages today. As you learn, you go up in level and it’s like a video game.

MIT Open Course Ware
It is an incredible free platform belonging to the prestigious University of Massachusetts, it offers more than 2200 free programming courses that are very interesting and suitable for you, especially when you’ve already acquired the basic knowledge of programming; most especially the specific programming language.

( Note: You can learn basic programming languages from this site with tons of articles on basic programming, just use the search box for what you want)

The courses are more theoretical than practical but this does not demerit the great quality. If you need a higher level of complexity, this is the place to go.


This platform offers a wide variety of free programming courses for you in English and you can also translate your courses to several other languages, almost all languages can be translated in form of subtitle from the website.

It has practical exercises and a new initiative called “Test an hour of code” where you can watch the videos and read the contents from the page without being a registered member on the site. This is great plus.

If you want variety of courses related to programming, this platform is ideal for you to learn programming in English and it is also necessary that you’re grinded in that specific programming language in order to have free flow in learning on this platform.

You don’t want situation whereby you still go back and forth like ping-pong when you’re not familiar with some terms and statements.

Although all the courses are not free as some are paid courses, however, there are good corses you can not get free in many classes. You also have programming courses outlined for you on weekly and monthly basis so that you can have progressive class and graduate from simple to complex and have a smooth learning curve.

Thinking of an extraordinary virtual programming education platform, you’re here and I doff my hat to Stanford University for this great platform. The brains behind this great platform has it as goal to reach out to all democratize computer proamming education and we can say that, they’ve done so much well with the wide variety of courses they have.

You can also learn the courses in other languages if you’re not an English speaker. This platform is a good option for you to get ready in one of the best universities in the world.

This platform is not only a web page for programming courses as you can download several good resources that can help you in your programming journey in life. There are lists of images, icons, references and many files of interest for web developers and programmers.