Avast Mobile Security/Antivirus App Reviews and Free Download

Have you insured your phone? I mean protecting your phone against virus attack. This article will enable you to protect your phone from virus attacks.Though there are many mobile security apps for securing your android apps and phones like 360 security, AndroHelm Mobile Security, Avira Antivirus Security, Bitdefender Antivirus, CM security and many more; but i will be dwelling on AVAST mobile security.

Avast Mobile Securityhas range of features that set it apart from other security apps. Remember choosing an app depends on the need and its efficacy. What makes avast unique is that it has anti theft security, antivirus protection and internet shield protection. The antivirus protection enables the avast security to protect your phone from files that can corrupt your phone’s apps. It runs automatically on the background of your phone to monitor what is going on on your applications to enable it remotely capture those virus for deletion.

Another thing that makes it unique is that it has web shield to enable you protect your phone from malware and spyware attack resulting from browsing. This is a very good developement unlike the old avast mobile security that lack some of these features available for android with their latest updated features. I’ve had several experiences when my android phone was attacked with malware while browsing and those malware disturbed and slowed down the phone’s operation. Having this android securiy app, you dont have to get bothered browsing the net on most app sites.

It has USB security, this protect you from debugging resulting from file transfer either from system to your android or from your android to system.This tool assists alot as it creates awareness and block auto-runs when doing USB transfers. Also, the SMS alert, which is a hidden encrypted feature that alerts a designated phone number you link to the avast mobile security when your phone is stolen .Nothing gives you a peace of mind other than knowing that you can trace your stolen phone. With this feature, you can remotely lock , wipe your phone with just SMS when stolen.
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The anti theft feature is a top-up for every avast users. At least with this tool you can do much more with securing your phone and apps. you can also control your network traffic from WiFi especially if you have a rooted file as it automatically sends a firewalls to protect your network. Overall i rate it over 87% if you want an app that won’t dissapoint when it comes to protection from malware, spyware and virus. i will recomend avast mobile security. Just go to https://play.google.com/store and download it to your phone and when you’re done downloading, you can install it but first you have to know where you store it. Go to the file path where you download it and install it for maximum protection. Incase you have problem using it, there is a help option to assist you.