Android App Development Software Kits For App Coding

android app development software

Android app development is widely perceived as a feasible business venture ready to be tapped but not many are willing to cease this rare so-called opportunity.

Well, the reasons are not far-fetched; they are glaringly clear as they can be.

The thing is that many people believe that app development is reserved for superhumans with extraordinary brains, ‘brainbox’ to be more precise, especially as it involves a complex combination of digits, words, and symbols (codes) unintelligible to an average individual.

However, this study hopes to among other things, prove that those fears are unfounded so that they will be properly and sufficiently allayed because it would have been expected only in the past, an era where programs generally were manually written with rigidity.

android app development software

In this day of radical automation we have at our disposal app development software and kits that don’t just empower us to generate app codes but also to test and debug before putting our end product in the marketplace, it has become easier to avoid errors. We are going to be dwelling on the basic ones for android devices.

One of the needed software for android app development is the Java Development Kit (JDK) This is a software development kit (SDK) developed for use by the Oracle Corporation which has proven to be the most used in the world over by the population of app developers as referenced by Wikipedia.

This software features a system of tools to make user-experience smoother and easier like debugger, jar for files with the ‘.jar’ extension, javdoc to generate documents, the compiler javac, etc. It is run on the Windows or Linux operating systems.

Android Studio is another, this is the recommended and official integrated Development Environment (IDE) for application development for android toppling Eclipse Android Development Tools (ADT) which once held that status.

It can be used to build apps not just for android mobile phones but also TV, Wears lsmartwatcheshes and bands, and tablets. And like JDK, it also comes packed with several tools for the job.

Some examples include a layout editor, lint tools, and of course a wizard.

It can be run also on various operating systems like Windows and Linux.

According to Wikipedia, the system requirements of android studio version 2. x for Windows are windows OS version 7-10, 32-64 bits, at least 2GB RAM, 1280*800 screen resolution, JDK 8 among others.

While there are some other software that would be recommended by veteran app developers like Geny Motion Emulator to test your apps with a faster virtual device, these are the basic ones, especially for entrants in the field.