Tips on How to Use Voucher Gift Cards to Buy Goods

What is Voucher gift card

If you’re reading this, you must have had an idea about online shopping.

For voucher gift cards, they are a special form of a credit card- similar in function to prepaid credit cards.

Voucher cards are issued mostly by e-commerce companies in which a certain value for a product or service can be loaded.

They can be offered as a reward for a task or promotion to beneficiaries but it can only be redeemed on their site, to purchase their products.

These gift cards are usually used only once, and some others can be loaded by the provider.

What is voucher gift cards and how to use them on online and offline shopping site

How to Use Voucher cards on Online Store

You can use a gift card in the most popular online stores. These virtual cards are used when you want to checkout.
If you’re buying the latest phone or other electronics from Verizon for example, you can use voucher gift cards to lessen the cost.
You can also use it to pay for your Verizon Wireless or Fios bill on their respective apps or on their site.

Once you select your item in the shopping cart, checkout and enter your delivery address.

When you want to make payment for the item, simply select “Gift Card” as your payment method, provided the value of the card is more than the price of the item.

Enter the card number and the security code, and click pay to complete your order.

If the value of the card is not sufficient to make the order for the selected item, you can complete it with your credit card.

How to Buy Voucher gift cards

Gift cards can be purchased from the provider on their online store or their physical marketplace.

There are also independent marketplaces where people can exchange gift cards from one business to another.

Let’s take Verizon as an example, you can find great deals of newly launched phones on their store you can purchase with your card.

You can go here, select a gift card value, and buy it. It is available in 25, 50, 75, and 100 dollars.

Your card can be used to purchase any item on their store online or in a physical store.

Common categories of items you can buy from Verizon are smartphones, musical equipment, home devices, and others. speakers and much more.

I prefer to use their cards because they don’t expire, although most of the eCommerce sites now remove expiry from their cards and they’re not subjected to dormancy or any form of reactivation.

Common Questions people usually ask

Are the gift cards preloaded?

No, gift cards, either virtual or real cards are purchased and the value is loaded on the card.

Can thieves use my gift card?

Sure, even when it’s registered, it can be used by anyone. You can as well give it to friends and family at will.

Gift cards are often used as gifts and rewards in the survey, as giveaway or prize in online competition.

How can I use my gift card?

I’ve said this earlier. You can give it to a cashier at physical store authorized by the provider of the card to purchase any item.

The value of the item will be deducted from the card and you’ve your balance on the card.

Should the value on the card is not enough to order the goods, you can as well add cash to complete your purchase.


How do i check gift card balance?

You can find your balance by going to the official site if the provider, there’s always a widget under the gift card tab t check your balance.

Please, don’t give your card toa third party you don’t trust to check your balance for you.


What do I need to make Purchase?

 You need to provide the card number and your PIN to make purchase or check balanc in most cases.


13. Can gift cards be reloaded?

Yeah, your Gift cards can be reloaded if you want. You can do this at any accredited store of the ard provider.

You can also transfer the whole value or part to another gift card.


15. Can I have my gift card balance paid out to me? 

Most providers don’t allow this so your balance can not be paid to you in cash, you can only purchase with it, you can not withdraw with it.