How to use MacBook like a Pro

Cool things to do on your macbook

Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS are the trifecta of operating systems that have reigned together for more than a decade now.

Each operating system has its perks and quirks you could spend hours dissecting through, but today, let’s talk about macOS.

macOS continues to grow in popularity, and with newfound popularity comes new users.

If you’re a new Mac user and confused by all macOS has to offer—maybe you’re used to Windows, Chrome OS, or even Linux—then you’ve come to the right place.

Cool things to do on your macbook

8 Tips to Master Your Mac

Take Advantage of Security Tools

The first thing to do with your shiny, new Mac is to make sure it’s as secure as can be. But how do you do that?

First, download an anti-virus/anti-malware solution to your Mac. Free ones work well as long as the one you choose is from a reputable developer.

After that, think about installing a VPN for Mac. A VPN, short for a Virtual Private Network, encrypts the data your Mac sends out.

This encryption prevents cybercriminals from intercepting your data, which is a big risk on public or otherwise unsecured networks.


Integrate Your Device Within Apple’s Ecosystem

One of the main selling points of Apple’s products is their integration within Apple’s device ecosystem.

Macs, iPhones, iPods, Apple Watches—they all can interact with each other in ways that benefit the user.

For example, if you own a MacBook and an iPad, you can easily turn your iPad into a wireless external display.

You can also access text conversations and take phone calls on your Mac instead of your iPhone (if they’re connected).

These features sound insignificant. However, these features go a long way in making the Mac experience much smoother than other operating systems.


Update Your Mac Frequently

What is the point of software updates? Most of the time, they seem to add nothing significant, only promising “stability improvements” and “performance enhancements.”

It turns out that most macOS updates come with a host of security improvements that indirectly benefit you.

These security improvements prevent data breaches, fix vulnerabilities within macOS, and ensure that your version of macOS is up to modern security standards, standards that change with each passing day.

In fact, updating your operating system ASAP is essential not only for macOS but for every operating system.


Enable “Find My Mac”

Leaving your MacBook out unattended for more than a second has its way of attracting thieves. And if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being a victim of theft, then you’ll want every advantage over the thief.

Apple’s Find My Mac feature is the best way to locate your Mac quickly.

Find My Mac does exactly what it sounds like: it gives you a general location of your Mac using GPS. Whether you’ve misplaced your MacBook or had it stolen right from under you, Find My Mac is an incredibly useful tool every Mac user should enable.


Use Remote Wipe

If you can’t locate your Mac and Find My Mac isn’t working, which is always a possibility to account for, you can remotely wipe your Mac using Remote Wipe.

Remote Wipe can be set up in Apple’s “Find My” section under Devices. As long as you have internet access, you can access your Apple account, choose to erase your device and have Apple send you confirmation that your device has been erased.

This is a last-resort solution, but if there’s no conceivable way to get your Mac back, you’ll want to erase your device to ensure that the thief will be unable to get their hands on your data.


Set Up Windows Dual-Boot

Were you a Windows user before you moved to macOS? Do you sometimes miss the features and general aesthetic of Windows?

With Windows 11 looming over the horizon, it’s a good time to point out to Mac users that they can set up a dual-boot solution. One that enables them to boot into either macOS or Windows.

Most Macs support Windows dual-boot, and the best Windows dual-boot solution available to Mac users is Boot Camp, which lets users seamlessly switch between the two operating systems.


Sign PDFs Directly in Mail

Despite it being 2021 and most everything is done digitally, signatures are still required for most contracts, agreements, NDAs, etc. But not everyone wants to print out a sheet of paper, scan it, fax it, etc., to sign it and make it official.

That’s where macOS comes in. macOS’s Mail app lets users sign PDFs from within the app—no external steps required.


Save Storage Space With iCloud

iCloud is a godsend. Macs are expensive, and users end up paying premiums for extra storage space. But what if you didn’t need that extra storage space? What if you could offload all of your documents to the cloud?

Apple’s cloud storage solution, iCloud, is perfect for Mac users. Mac users only need to pay a small fee to get tens of gigabytes worth of iCloud storage.

Keep in mind that pricing differs by country; here is a list from Apple showing the price of iCloud in the countries it is available in.



With the Mac product line continuing to grow in popularity, it’s no surprise that there are tons of new Mac users looking for ways to spruce up their Mac experience. And this is just the guide for them!