Take this Step to Clean your PC from Liquid Spill

Although water is a poor conductor of electricity when it has dissolved electrolytes, the ions can react with electrons and become a good conductor of electricity.

Your beer, coffee, soda, milk, wine, tea, etc are liquid but not the same with water, and generally, liquid, drinks are not tolerated when they’re spilled on our electronic gadget.

Liquid can induce serious shock, make the electronics stop working, and even damage the electronic circuits in the long run.


What to do when a Liquid spills on a PC

Whenever you mistakenly pour juice or any other drinks on a laptop or PC, you should rather unplug it from the electrical outlet than cleaning it directly.

Even if it’s not connected to an electric current, it’s advisable you off the laptop ( you can just turn the laptop upside down and remove the battery) and dry it before you start using it again.

If there’s no issue with combustion, then you can follow these simple steps to clean your laptop computer.

Liquid spill on PC and how to clean it

How to Clean your PC from liquid Spill

Once the coffee, wine, beer, or any liquid is spilled on your laptop, relax and clean your hands, and unplug the laptop cable from an electric outlet.

You may not want to touch the power button on the computer keyboard but if there’s a spill there; just remove the battery (if it’s removable) to put the system off.

If it’s an irremovable battery, use a towel to clean the keyboard and use nonconductor material to press the power button.

The next thing to do is to remove other things that are connected to the laptop, like your flash drives, any cable, and also disconnect the mouse and keyboard if you’re using external ones and begin proper cleaning of the laptop.

If the liquid you’ve poured on the system is sticky, such as fruit juice, milk, or alcohol, you’re advised to just pack your laptop in a bag and consult your computer engineer immediately to do the thorough cleaning for you.

You won’t be at the risk of spoiling the system while cleaning it; but if it’s just ordinary water, you can dry it at home and you don’t have to expose it to direct sunlight rays.


How to dry Liquid from PC

To dry it completely, use a clean absorbent towel to clean all the sides and spread it on a flat surface within your home.

Now, open the laptop, so that the laptop screen and keyboard are in the same plane, and place the side on the absorbent towel on the flat surface where you’re sure the laptop can be safe.

Leave the gadget there for several hours, depending on the volume of water and how much it affected it so that the water can drip completely.

Come back later to check if the computer is now completely dry, turn it back, and power on your system to see if everything is back to normal and working properly.

Test the keyboard and press every tab to ensure every keypad is responding and typing the correct key on the screen.

Do not force it to dry and if there’s any problem, consult a qualified computer engineer. If there’s any water damage, the repair cost will only cost you few bucks.