4 Tips For Developing Amazing Cool Mobile Apps for Android & Iphone

The mobile application market has grown in an accelerated way in recent years. In 2016, about 149 billion of mobile applications were downloaded worldwide; which was about 15% increase when compared to the year 2015, the time app users spent on apps also increase while the cost of app development is also in uptrend.

As the mobile app market continues to grow, many people are becoming interested in developing their apps on their own. Although it is not so easy to develop a computer scheme so that it works in an optimal way, you have to understand best practices and these are some tips to succeed in mobile app development.

1. Understanding the Market.
The developers have created hundreds of applications, but have studied faithfully what would be the utility that the common people would give to this creation? We assume that some have done it but the rest has not taken into account its main objective and usefulness.

We talk about 80% of useless applications or that have no purpose. Danny Boice’s Advice (successful programmer) “developers need to take the time to understand what their users need.” It is necessary to understand the motivations of the users at a very deep level and to discover the real need of the client.

If you understand this concept, you have a solid foundation to create a good user experience. To succeed, do a market study, ask what your most pressing needs are.


2. Understanding the mindset of mobile users.
Developers are living only desktop Web experiences and have not given the great importance that mobile devices currently have. The problem is that, Internet users and phones have different needs and perspectives, people who use mobiles are less patient, which implies that, people dont spend much time on mobile apps like desktops and web apps and therefore requires little steps to take advantage of their utilities.

3 Create your monetization model upfront
How will you get economic benefits from your application? Do you have plans to collect a subscription fee? There are many ways to collect and get real economic benefits from your apps. This should be established before its launch.

Twitter and many other companies have had difficulty generating revenue with new monetization strategies, because customers have become accustomed to clean interfaces and are not willing to pay after it has long been free. But if you start charging from the beginning to generate the culture of payment, you will not have problems when adjusting your rate.

4 Use state of the art tools for application development
There are large number of platforms that can be used for the development of new mobile applications. Sybase unwired Platform (SUP), paste 7 and Kony are some of the best in the market. It is best to take some time to become familiar with these platforms so that you can develop powerful applications.