Apps to teach you how to Trade Stocks

How to trade stocks without money

Stock trading is simply the act of employing technical analysis and fundamental analysis of stocks to evaluate their current value using trend patterns over a specific time frame to make an investment decision.

Many stock fundamentalists or value investors believe it’s a kind of complicated analysis because stock charts tell us the result of what happened to the companies’ stocks in the past and not what happened in the future.

While fundamental analysis not only tells us the current state of the stock but what the company would achieve in the future since there are company’s statements of account such as CASH FLOW, PROFIT/LOSS STATEMENT, etc that can depict the strength/weakness of a company.

If you’ve employed the two models, you would agree with me that, non of the two can make you succeed in stock investing unless you adopt the two models and master them.

Are you fascinated by stock trading with the claims of stock traders?

Do you want to become a stock trading guru or do you want to break the bank like George Soros and other stock gurus that rock wall street and predicted stock crashes correctly?

You need to start learning to read charts, how to use stock indicators and stock-value parameters.

Many stockbrokers offer demo trading on their platforms where you can register and begin to test your trading skills but most of them do not have mobile apps which you can use to practice it; they only develop apps for their clients.

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That’s the reason I researched mobile applications for virtual (demo, practice) stock trading.

How to trade stocks without money

It’s a stock trading practice application developed by Bhatia in Singapore with many offices mostly in India.

He has worked with JP Morgan with many years of experience in equity trading and he has trained many students across Asia and Europe to develop skills in trading and the app is targeted towards helping young adults.

The app provides users with real stocks values, quality research reports, real-time analysis, and other services just for you to test your skills without committing a dime.

The developer focuses mostly on the Asian stock market with so much popularity in India and Singapore but you can connect with experts in stock trading from many institutions including JP Morgan.

It’s indeed a talent hunting platform and you’re not left alone as you can read the opinions/decisions of other traders on the platform.

You can as well get premium analytics and independent research reports of the stock market in some Asian and European countries like China, the United States, Australia, etc freely with a partnership with Thomson Reuters.

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It’s also a stock trading practice app developed by G1 TechnoServices.

It provides risk-free virtual stock trading for those who want to get familiarised and test “stock market waters” before they commit their hard-earned money into it.

It is easy to create your account and build your portfolio; and also toggle between stocks to check their real value metrics, retrieved from the Google database.

One other good thing is that you can keep track of your trading history to study and evaluate your results. The app is simple to use and has attracted good reviews and ratings from users across the globe.


It’s a very useful and resourceful virtual trading app, developed by A-Life Software; a limited liability company based in California.

It provides you with real market data to value stocks and test your decision-making whether it would’ve brought to you fortunes or loss if you were to ‘play’ with the market with your real money.

One thing we can not be less quick to mention is that it’s a free app without ads which is uncommon to freemium phone applications.

The stock trainer is easy to use and you can sign in with your Google account or email directly. If you’re looking forward to starting Simple.

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You can start learning technical analysis, this app is good for you to learn lime charts, bar charts, or candlesticks, choose whether to start with basic indicators or if you’re an experienced trader, switch to the advanced tools to learn how to trade like a pro.

Why do you have to worry about trending news that can affect your positions or let you adjust your sentiment towards some stocks?

When you can get stock quotes and related news to guide you through your trader.

The effects of News can not be underestimated as every experienced trader either in stocks, forex or other commodities know that it can change the ‘game’ in just a minute the news is in the air.

Permit me to say that the app is relatively new in the market and the developer promised frequent updates and added features in no long time.

Nevertheless, there had been good reviews by users, bugs have been fixed in the last update and the installs from the google play store have increased exponentially with over one million downloads.

NOTE: It’s only compatible with the Android 4.0 version and up.