Argentum Entertainment Award-Winning ‘New Life’ in Film Festival in RomField, London

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“New Life” is another  award-winning movie which was coproduced by  Drew Waters, Jon Wroblewski, Erin Bethea, Jay Michaelson, and directed by  Drew Waters, as the premiere feature of their production company Argentum Entertainment. It got the “Best Film awards in Film Festival, 2017 in Romford, London.

The love-and-romantic film is about two friends Ben (Jonathan Patrick Moore) and Ava (Erin Bethea)

that started their friendship as children, grow together in love during there high school and colleges despite the relocation of Ben’s family to America.

The two lovers still managed to keep their love and romance despite their challenges in getting really closer to each other but must like it is in real life, there’ll always be pressure on the lovers to seeing each other.

This is exactly the situation and it was compounded when Ava met another handsome looking and attractive guy in his group in school who actually want to woo her.

Each time Ava is losing stand on her love for Ben, She’ll quickly find a way to see his lover, Ben, who was working as young and beginner architect in his dad’s company and Ben also feels the same and this pattern continues in the film until the two get married.

This romantic story explains the real life situation of faithful lovers and the love story really life beautiful.

Drew Waters, the director of the movies showed his appreciation to the talented people that worked together with him to achieve the success and win ths Best Film award at the film festival and he believed the story is going to have strong impact in educating and entertaining lovers at different levels. Drew has now become a-two-time Best director winner of NEE LIFE.

“New Life being recognized in this way is such an honor,” said writer and film star Erin Bethea.

The production company,  Argentum Entertainment has released the film, NEW LIFE in

DVD and  DIGITAL for the holiday season.