Differences between Dedicated and Non Dedicated Server ARK

Dedicated server vs Non dedicated server ARk

The ARK Game

The ARK is an adventurous game that was released in august 2017. It makes use of two servers named dedicated and non-dedicated servers.

This game is all about the survival of players on the island amongst monster creatures such as dinosaurs.

This game allows the option of single or multiplayer, depending on these servers.

For smooth gameplay, the two servers are being used as per their different build-ups.

There is a huge difference between the two, and they are opposite from each other.

To understand their work, it’s important to understand their differences.

Dedicated server vs Non dedicated server ARk

What is a Dedicated Server ARK?

A dedicated ARK server is like an in-house web server which requires more time and effort.

This server provides you with a flawless hosting server with a unique IP address and other resources allotted just for you.

There are many more things you can do on a dedicated server than on a non-dedicated server, for example, you can run web hosting, VPNs, custom setup, email server,etc.

Some of the key features of a dedicated server for ARK are given below:

  •       The dedicated server has a unique Ip and specific server.
  •       This specific server only serves you and provides its total power and resources to only you.
  •       The feature to switch between games is a superfluous step provided by this server.
  •       The dedicated server ensures that there will be no stutters or frame drops in the game.
  •       The working of RAM is way much better than that of the non-dedicated server.
  •       This server requires a powerful computer to host it.
  •       These run 24/7 so that players do not need to set up the server online.
  •       It is helpful when you want to play with others who are in different time zones.
  •       This server is being used for only one thing at a time either you host the server or play the game.

What is a Non-Dedicated Server ARK?

The nondedicated server in ARK is the opposite of a dedicated server and works in a different direction.

What non-dedicated server mean in ARK is that you can host it on your local device with your settings, and play with friends that are only near-by

In this server, some players can get the benefit of the same server at the same time.

The resources and power of this server are being shared among different players.

You don’t have the opportunity of using the total assets of the server.

Some of its key  points are given below:

  •       A player can host a non-dedicated server, but it should be local.
  •       This server offers you the opportunity to play and host both at the same time.
  •       But it only works in case your friends are in a nearby place.
  •       The storage and disc space offered by this server is comparatively less than that provided by the dedicated server.
  •       The server’s bandwidth is shared among players playing on the same server.
  •       It is considered an inexpensive server option because multiple players share the maintenance cost.


Should I Run Dedicated or Non-dedicated Server ARK?

The dedicated and non-dedicated servers are used to improve the ARK gameplay.

These are fully opposite from each other and have their features and build.

It’s totally up to you which server you want to choose for your smooth gameplay.

The functionality and gameplay depend upon the selection of the server.

Both have their features and benefits, which can help you with your requirement.


FAQs about ARK Servers

Can Friends play on a Non-dedicated server ARK?

Your friends can not play on a non-dedicated server unless you’re logged in, but when you do, 4 friends can join a non-dedicated server ARK.

Can I play on my dedicated server ARK?

In the server settings, you can set up and maintain your ARK settings, and customize the playing settings experience for you and your friends.

Does it cost more money to run a dedicated server ARK?

To host a dedicated server ARK, most hosting companies charge $80 on average or more depending on the features of the server, slot counts, and performance.

How many people can you host on a dedicated server ARK?

Depending on the features and performance of your dedicated server, you should be able to host at least 10 players on a dedicated server and play smoothly. You would need CPU cores and RAM upgrades to accommodate more players.

Can you move a non-dedicated server to the dedicated server ARK?

You can migrate from non-dedicated to dedicated, all you need is to move the files and contents to the new dedicated server and rename your LocalPlayer file name to your Steam ID in a non-dedicated server.