Parsec Linux Hosting: Requirements, Features and Installation

What is Parsec and how to use it

What is Parsec?

Parsec is a popular proprietary desktop capturing application designed to be used for playing through video streaming.

Every user of this computer application can stream any video game footage.

They use this application to play a game on one system and play the game remotely through another device.

The best-in-class nature and low latency of the Parsec connects you to your personal computer and lets you access important projects, and games, and engage in recreation with friends together.

The remote access technology of Parsec is tested on the most demanding media, especially games.

Users of this application can connect to their computers on the go. You can research the basics of the Parsec Linux hosting services and discuss important things about such services.

You will make a good decision and be encouraged to reap benefits from properly using the Parsec.

What is Parsec and how to use it

Features of Parsec

The Parsec is known for its extraordinary features used to power remote teams of any shape and size.

The three main categories of Parsec plans are Individuals, Teams, and Enterprises.

Individuals plan is available at $8.33 per user/month and paid annually.

This plan supports its users to connect to their computers with special features and get the job done on time.

It includes multi-monitor displays, virtual monitors, privacy mode, improved colors through 4:4:4 color mode, and full drawing tablet support with pressure + tilt.

The Teams plan is available at $30 per user /month and paid annually.

You can use this plan and connect a team to computers and keep the overall access very secure.

Every user of this plan can get secure access to their team’s computers, enforce single sign-on through SAML, and get granular permission management.

They alter app features and settings and do audit logs and team computer management.

You can contact the Parsec and discuss the Enterprise plan price details.

This Parsec plan is designed to deploy Parsec across large businesses and make it the main part of existing systems.

Users of this plan leverage the high-performance relay of Parsec for added performance and security.

They get the complete usage logs and team analytics. They access the Team API of Parsec and automate Parsec deployment. They make granular admin roles using role-based access.


Parsec Installation

The first step to install Parsec on your computer is to download the Windows or MacOS installer from the Downloads page of Parsec.

The next step is to find the installer in your Downloads folder. Now double-click the installer to run it.

You can choose the extra components you wish to be installed and click ‘Next’.

You can create and use virtual displays on the host using the Virtual Display Driver.

You can choose the “Per User” or “Shared” install type and click ‘Next’. The Parsec installation process starts now.


Parsec System Requirements

Many people seek the Parsec Linux hosting facilities and decide to efficiently use this application.

They require at least 1GB memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 graphics card, 1GB file size, Intel Pentium 4 1.60GHz, and Windows 7.