Reasons your Laptop is Running Slow & How to Speed Up Operation and make it Faster

How do you fix your Slow Laptop and make it Run Faster

When your laptop operation is now slow and you don’t know why the laptop is so slow, you begin to get nervous and whether you’re on windows 10, 7, 8 or Mac, Linux or any other operating system, there are causes of slow computer, you just need to learn how to fix your slow laptop.

Is your computer not responding well, applications take longer time to open or you’re connected to the internet and your laptop is not responding well, let me ask you these:

Do you reboot your laptop regularly? Do you that, it’s important to restart your computer regularly as there are benefits for doing this. There are many computer users that don’t think it’s not good to leave the system working round the clock without restarting it and allow the compute to refresh.

Putting your laptop in hibernation or standby is not enough, you just need to put it off when you’re not using the computer and there are no programs you need to keep running without interruption. One of the benefits you derive from this is that, the laptop would get away with some temporary files which would have been taking RAM from the system.

Not only this, cleaning up your computer is also important, especially when you’ve used more than 60 % of your hard disk. You just have to delete the apps that just pile up on your laptop without you using them. All these will make a slow laptop to get improved and run better especially if you love game and you want it to run faster.

Other reasons for laptop running slow is probably you’ve just installed a new app, change your hardware or make any update to your computer system, you can reverse your action and take note your computer operation speed afterwards. To uninstall a program on your computer, Click the start button, go to the control panel (CP), double click on the Add/Remove program icon, select the program you want to delete and remove it.

If you’ve just connected a new controller to your computer, it could also be one of the reasons your laptop is now running slow and you may not know. Are you suspicious of any drive, you can open the device manager, search the new driver and double click on it, a dialogue box will pop up where you can click the driver tab and get back to previous drive. If the backstop previous driver button is grey, it’s more likely the reason you computer is slow is not from the controller.


Have you just added a new hardware on your laptop, it may also be the cause of the slow speed of your computer operation, to get to know this, you can go the Device Manager and search for the device, after finding it, just install and take note of the computer speed again.

The internet browser could also affect you computer operation speed if you’re connected to the internet as there are some extensions or browser plugins that are heavy and and take time to load, some may even have adware with pop-up ads that can make your laptop to become slow in operation. You can use another browser and compare and later uninstall a browser that’s causing your system to run slow and freeze up without virus.

Are there loads on your computer CPU or memory, you can go to the taskbar or launch the Task Manager, go the the CPU column to know if there’s any activity that’s blocking the CPU and you can easily detect the program which such activity and remove it immediately. This sometimes could be that, the application is toxic to your laptop and it may be developed by hackers.

If you suspect it could be the RAM, you can run some checks on your laptop, go to the RAM coulum in the Task Manager and see if everything is okay. If there’s a program suspected, you can close it and fix the problem within the Task Manager as well. To end the program completely, uninstall it.

Opening too many tabs in your browser at a time has effect on your RAM and it can slow the computer, especially if you’re opening websites that are not lightweight, having many
programs to load, it’s going to take more of the RAM share. Besides, having multiple tabs would not help you to be efficient. If the internet connection is good, you don’t have to open dozen of tabs.

Programs running on background
If you have many computer programs running on background, it can slow your computer and also weaken your computer battery. Mostly especially antivirus software that can running non stop to detect virus on your computer.

The scanning activities can take effect on the processing power of the laptop. To fix this issue, change the scanning to a specific period of time, may be daily, weekly or monthly or do it manually when you don’t have other applications running on the laptop.

There are many reasons your laptop can begin to run slow and we’ve just talked about the ones that are very common. However, we’re going to update this list and some other reasons why your computer operation speed could be slow and what to do to fix the issue and speed up your computer again.

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