How to Play Free Games Online without Downloading

How to play free games online without download

Playing games is part of life, and since more people now spend most of their time on the internet for business and pleasure, many of the physical games we play during our leisure time can now be played online.

Even for gamblers, you can now get live updates on NFL odds, NBA odds, NCAA Basketball odds, or odds for any other event.

You can also visit the Android or iOS app store on your mobile phone and download your favorite app from the millions of apps listed. Similarly, you can download the app to your computer.

However, there’s a limit to the number of your favorite games you can download on your device in order not to take much disk space and slow down your device’s operation.

How to play free games online without download

Free games online without downloading or Registration

Now you can worry no more, you can play free games online without downloading them, I mean free games online with no download and registration.

There are quite a number of games sites where you can play popular games like soccer, combatant games, puzzles, etc.

I’ve tested some of them and also recommend them to my little boy who always requests free games for kids but I’ve stuck to plays in recent time. is my favorite site where you have more than 1000 free games to play. You can now enjoy your best games free online.

There are about 60 games categories you can choose from and play tons of games from each catalog.


Playing Golf online

Golf is one of my favorite games and I’ve gained a mastery of it, despite this, I still love to play golf online. It refreshes my humble beginning when learning to play golf, especially when I was in college.

There are tons of games I’ve played but golf interests me most. In this game, you’ll learn the following.

  • The golf course is not always smooth
  • The golf courses can be water-logged
  • You can lose your ball on a golf course

There are other features in the game that do not actually exist in the golf game but these features really help to get you focused and keep the mental tasking high.

There are rugs on the field and when your ball rolls across it, it will reduce the speed of the ball and you’ll have to make more shots to hit the hole, thereby reducing your points.

There are also pools you need to avoid while making your hit.

How to play free games online without registration



Benefits of Playing Games

Playing games can really help our mental and emotional development and other aspects of development.

kids’ development is often referenced when experts discuss the advantages of games to personal development but it’s actually beyond that, it can help to improve the all-around development of both kids and adults.


  • It improves brain speed and concentration

Online games that require a strategy to solve problems before a player could win will help to improve the cognitive domain and brain processing power since the player has to absorb a lot of information.


  • Online games improve multitasking skills

Games, where the player has to defend herself from enemies surrounding him or beat a number of opponents, require attention, fast thinking, and quick reactions. Such games can help the player to develop multitasking skills.

  • It boosts social relationship

Multiplayer games require two or more players to participate so you will have to invite someone to join you to play it, this can boost your relationship and help cultivate a friendly relationship.


  • It helps to develop good behavior

There are online games that are designed to help players manage their emotions and encourage good behavior, compassion, and empathy.