The Disadvantages Of Frames In Artificial Intelligence

Frame problems in AI

What is Frame in Artificial intelligence?

An artificial intelligence data structure that divides knowledge into substructures representing stereotyped situations is known as frames.

It is the data transmission unit in digital networking, it can be for a single network packet or a structure

These refer to a framework for representing knowledge in AI. There is a collection of slots, and slots values are included.

It is also considered a facility in HTML to decide the page into two or more sections.


What are the Problems of Frames in AI?

The frames are considered a useful tool, but one must be careful about maintaining the number of links.

Using too many frames can put a high workload on the server. Therefore it’s important to keep a check on its maintenance.

Frame problems in AI

Search engines

The search engines do not work properly with the frames; these do not index the pages.

It is tough for them to search for specific content and check the frameset each page belongs to. Hence it is not useful in retrieving all the pages in the frameset.


Here you cannot bookmark individual pages using the browser’s favorite menu if frames are contained.

Instead, you can only bookmark the top-level pages.


On a webpage where frames are used, you may not be able to print content compared to a normal HTML page.

High cost

Frames are difficult to program because there is no cheap software to use, and it’s difficult to use for inference or reasoning and explanation is also difficult.


For navigation, you have to navigate through a site that uses frames.

Unfortunately, there is no option for normal navigation, such as using the back button or tables, so this can be a problem.

Browser support

Every browser does not support the frames, especially the old browsers.

The space on the screen to see each document is also smaller due to frames. Hence it is one of the reasons that not all browsers support frames.

Sometimes, your webpage will be displayed differently to mobile users and desktop users because of the difference in screen resolution of the devices.

Using frames means some of your users will not be able to access all the features on your website.

Long load-time

Since there are multiple HTML files used, the browser spends more time loading these files, hence more wait time for users. Low speed in today’s SEO means a high bounce rate, poor ranking, and leaving money on the table to competitors.

Frames are constricting

Not many web developers like to use frames in their projects because the source code is hidden and not open for development, frames take up more valuable space on users’ screens and are too constricting.


FAQs about Frames in Artificial Intelligence

What are the main components of frame?

The 2 main components of frames are the ‘src’ attribute and the ‘name’ of the content page to be displayed. Others are plates, studs, rafters, flooring, girders, and joist.

What makes the frame structure?

The header, the content, and the trailer

What is a frame-based system?

In any frame-based system, the knowledge representation is done using frames to represent the effects of actions.

What are the types of frames?

There are different types of frames, and some popular examples are floating frames, gallery frame, canvas, photo, Modern frame, tabletop, deep-set frames etc.

Where are frames mostly used?

Frames are commonly used in graphic design and word processing.



The frames come up with many problems and disadvantages. This makes working a little bit difficult, and other features get complex.

One should know about these disadvantages before working on them.

If you already know about the problems, you can effectively deal with them. Hence it can be beneficial to use, but at the same time, it also comes up with some problems.