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Hotel finder apps for android and ios

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Trivago Hotel search app

Trivago Hotel Search mobile app is an application that searches for hotel reservations in many popular cities in the world; developed by Trivago.

It was co-founded by Malte Siewert, Peter Vinnemeier, and Rolf Schrömgens and it has covered more than 60 countries where their app is used for search.

Trivago Hotel search app brings to you one of the best hotel search engines which is a kind of hotel metasearch that selects hotel reservation by their amenities.

Make a quick hotel room search with cheap room prices for the ideal hotel to lodge in.

Trivago guesthouse finder app connects you to one of the world’s biggest hotel search websites’ databases to assess, analyze and evaluate millions of hotels from several booking sites in Tokyo, Washington DC, Vegas, London, San Francisco, Dublin, new Orleans and all around the world.

Hotel finder apps for android and ios

You can make your guesthouse search based on address, dates, and location, set the price limit while searching in order not to spend more than your budget and at the same time get the best hotel rates and discounts using Trivago.

It enables you to pre-identify where you can have a rest while planning your trip by searching for the hotels close to your destination, saving it and booking the hotel when you get there.

You can also utilize the Trivago Rating Index to get the reviews of other travelers and individuals that have used each hotel in their database.

The review helps to understand the qualities of the hotel you intend to book as it draws reviews from other hotel search sites such as, Expedia, Holidaycheck, etc.

It has been named among the best money-saving apps by the Guardian and is indeed one of the best and most resourceful hotel search engine apps.

It requires an Android 4.0 version upward for a successful installation of the app and it has been downloaded more than 20,000,000 times.


Booking Hotel Reservation App Hotel Reservations app said it is all about what it’s meant for; it’s a mobile app for hotel search and reservation developed by Hotel Reservations.

It’s an app personally designed for to make hotel room searches and booking easy and not specifically hotel search engines or search sites. hotel reservations app does not aggregate hotels around the world or review their performances.

It only monitors her properties and hotels around the world and offers them to individuals who want to get hotel reservation without any hassle.

It eliminates the one-on-one inquiry on the quality of hotel rooms, inspection, and payment for reservation with instant confirmation of payment on the app and paperless check-in which means, the whole process is simplified for your comfort.

With almost one million properties across the globe, they’ve established themselves as a global brand in property management and lease.

Not only can you book a hotel with the app, but you can also rent a property or an apartment anywhere that suits your budget.

Once you’ve got the app installed, launch it and go to the search menu where you can make hotel searches by the hotel name if you know the name of the hotel and you want to be specific or search by landscape and location to know the apartment that’s near to you and ready to be a lease or the hotel that suits your taste.

You can also filter your search by setting some parameters such as the price you can afford to pay if the room is gotten, the amenities such as the no of rooms, WiFi connection, nearness to recreation centers and the review score which is the index of the pros and come of the apartments as suggested by over 50,000,000 reviewers to make a great deal.

You can also find cheap hotels on Amazon properties via the hotel reservations app, save them as favorites and share them with friends online.

To make everything easy, it updates your details quickly each time you log in to the app and all changes can be made directly on the app it gets updated if you don’t have an account.

You can successfully make bookings and it synchronizes your order and generate the booking No and PIN for verification which is also synchronized so that you will not start again if you’ve not completed your order.

Should in case you encounter challenges while you’re making hotel reservations, you’re provided with all-round clock support via email and phone calls in more than forty languages including the English language.

To install hotel reservations, it requires an android 4.0 version or more and it’s compatible with other smartphones and tablets with over 20,000,000 installs from the Google play store, you need to try out this app.