Geosure – Safety Apps travellers can count on for Destination Awareness

Is it the time for your vacation? You have to pick a place that seems interesting which serves the purpose of your travel goals.

You have to shortlist some new hot destinations you have never been to before and now look for a little clarity and inspiration to choose the best among them.


This is how almost every traveler thinks. But how to take a leap from here?  According to a study by CNN, two-thirds of global respondents express safety and security is of greatest concern when choosing an international travel destination.

Also, a recent Carlson Wagonlit study shows 29 percent of millennial business travelers have canceled a trip for security reasons, and that brings us to the importance of destination awareness.

For many travelers, travel is much more than leisure now. It could be adventure, relaxation, stress relieving vacation or even business trip.

You started packing stuff, all belongings are rolled up and cuddled in your suitcase or backpack and doing all the preparations.


Wouldn’t it be great to know about a place using a safe travel app before you visit it? 

The impacts of technology on travel safety

Technology has progressed so much now that it is possible to get detailed information about a place right at our fingertips. GeoSure has developed such a technology – a mobile application for assisting you in safe travel, which is going to revolutionize the travel and tourism industry.


GeoSure is an application designed for mobile and tablet devices to assist travelers with personalized insight, awareness and optimizes safety to the street level, worldwide.


Get Accurate Safety Data with Innovative Measurement Scale 

How to keep safe when embarking on a journey

Well, what do you look for when searching about a place? 

It could be sights, hotels, transportation or any other criteria. Yet, all these requirements are only secondary compared to travel safety.

GeoSure is a real-time safety assessment application that provides reliable safety information about a location.

GeoSure gives you accurate safety data across six key categories such as:

  • Physical harm
  • Women’s safety
  • Theft
  • LGBT Safety
  • Political issues
  • Health and medical


Why is Safety Paramount?  

Studies conclude that safety concerns occupy a key position among several issues related to individual travel.

According to a recent survey conducted by the World Travel Monitor® in September 2016, as many as 45% of international travelers had serious safety and security concerns.

About two-thirds of these respondents said they still plan to travel abroad but only to destinations they perceive as safe.

A further 14% plan to go on holidays within their own country instead of taking a foreign trip and 19% said they would not travel at all until the security situation had improved.

Opting for a safe travel would steer clear of all perceived risks. This allows you to explore a place completely without compromising on anything. Such a travel would not only be interesting but ensure that your visit is worthwhile.

Having an assistive safe travel app like GeoSure will help you ensure stringent safety measures during your travel. Using GeoSure is the ideal way to gauge your personal safety and make critical decisions during your travels.


How GeoSure’s Safe Travel App Collects Safety Information

  • GeoSure depends entirely on data to formulate the safety conditions of a given location.
  • It uses safety and security data obtained from reliable sources such as:

Geosure app for destination awareness of travellers

  1. World Health Organization (WHO)
  2. United Nations Organization (UN)
  3. Humanitarian organizations
  4. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  5. Interpol
  6. Governmental statistics
  7. Crowdsourced information

Data is constantly updated to offer renewed ratings of popular sights, cities and neighborhoods.

  • GeoSure uses advanced algorithms combined with artificial intelligence to process the enormous amounts of safety data.


  • Using sophisticated algorithms, artificial intelligence, and trusted globally recognized data sources, GeoSure analyzes hundreds of variables specific to each neighborhood and distills them into customized, remarkably simple-to-understand scores that change depending on your location and time of the day.


This processed data then undergoes quantification to represent on an easy to read scale.

  • GeoSure provides an understandable score when you input a suggestion related to the safety of a particular place.


Introducing GeoSafeScores™

GeoSure is the first to map neighborhoods in every major city around the world into dynamic safety “temperatures” known as GeoSafeScores™.


In GeoSafeScores™, the analyzed data are compiled on a color coded scale. This is yet another approach to give you an easily manageable interface for understanding your personal safety levels.

The scale ranges from 1 to 100 indicating the two extreme levels of safety.

The various safety scales are:

(1-20: Very Safe/Cool)

Lower scores between 1 to 20 on the scale specify that the location is relatively much safe and secure.

(41-60: Less Safe/Be Alert)

41 to 60 signify that the place is less safe. If the safety scale shows within this range, you should be wary of the location and remain alert during your travels.

(61-80: Unstable/Warm)

You have to be more cautious in this case, these locations are relatively unstable and possess more threat.

(81-100: Very Dangerous/Hot)

Higher safety scores between 81 to 100 designate a location as totally unsafe and dangerous.

Simply stating, green and red represents the two extremes of the safety scale with moderate safety represented as yellow in the middle.

Moreover, the use of real-time data is another characteristic feature of GeoSure that supply you accurate safety ratings of your present location.


Why Geosure is the Perfect Companion for Individuals

Think about this: During your travels, wouldn’t it be great to have a digital companion that will notify about your safety? 

This is precisely what GeoSure does and it takes a step forward in safety assessment. With the GeoSure app installed on your smartphone or tablet, it is possible to understand with pinpoint accuracy the safety of the location around you.

As an app for portable digital devices, GeoSure offers the convenience that you cannot find anywhere. The interfaces and functions are laid out intuitively allowing you to use each one of them without any hassle.

The information is not cluttered but presented to you in a simple easily readable format.

All it requires is that your device is connected to a cellular data network or a public or private Wi-Fi hotspot.

You can either input the location that you are in or planning to visit and GeoSure will provide with dependable safety information. Or GeoSure can use your current location to determine the current level of safety in real time.


Besides, with GeoSure, it is possible to customize the interface and functionality. This has added advantages as it enables GeoSure to work according to your preferences.

GeoSure has a thriving community of users across the world who share their personalized assessment and scores about a place.


You can also share the safety assessment of a particular location during your travels.

Crowdsourced information is yet another reliable source used by GeoSure. Sharing your own assessment or information drives the crowdsourcing initiative forward and this will contribute to building GeoSure’s database and further extend its reach.


The Essential Features of GeoSure for Individuals

GeoSure has a hoard of essential features that can serve you well during your travels. Compared to most other travel apps, GeoSure leads over them with its unique threat assessment system. Some of its essential features are listed below:


  • Personalized Assessment 

Most other travel safety apps gather a mass of data and give it to you plainly and let you make the decision. GeoSure is not different especially in the decision-making part. Instead, it quantifies this data and presents it on a color coded scale to let you decide.

GeoSure gives you personalized safety information by considering your safety perceptions along with your location and time.


  • Women Safety  

GeoSure is the essential guide for women who are traveling alone. Some neighborhoods or streets where there are higher crime rates are generally unsafe to visit for women.

GeoSure can track and give information whether the selected place has the probability of any inappropriate and indecent behavior towards women.

How to ascertain your health safety when planning travel

  • Healthcare and Medical Safety 

GeoSure has other features that not only evaluate the physical safety of a region but those linked with health and medical safety as well. It can provide you accurate safety information such as whether the place has any kind of epidemic or disease that can threaten your health.

You can even ascertain details about the pollution levels and nearby medical care facilities.


  • Why Choose GeoSure for your Travels? 

One thing that clearly differentiates GeoSure from most other travel related apps out there is its advanced safety and threat assessment feature.

If you are on a solo vacation or for work related travels, this safety measurement feature can immensely help.

GeoSure with its super advanced algorithm can process all the collected data to give you accurate safety information that you can depend on.


While enroute to your destination or on location, GeoSure makes sure that your safety is never compromised.

To summarise, the following are some key reasons why you should choose GeoSure for all your travel related purposes.


  • Constantly updated databases sourced from reliable platforms to give you extensive coverage of safety data from popular destinations to lesser known neighborhoods.


  • Innovative GeoSafeScores™ feature that estimates safety on a color-coded scale of 1 to 10.


  • Fast growing community with crowdsourcing initiative that lets you contribute and share safety information of a place.


  • Real-time granular safety assessment aided by advanced algorithms.